What Are You Buying Your Mom For Mother's Day?


Mothers day is coming up on Sunday, May 13, 2018. What are you planning on buying for your mom for Mother’s day?


I’m getting her a box of chocolates but since she has passed on, I’m going to eat them for her. I know she would like that.


Sorry for your loss misscrystal.

My mom passed away in 2015 so I’m just going to place a flower on mother’s grave on Mother day…


Mine passed away 12 years ago and I would have to travel too far in order to put some flowers on her grave.


Sorry for your loss mariokluser…

And I wish you safe travels this weekend


I know she wants/needs a hair cut. My brother and I booked a holiday for London so that’s kind of our late present for her, lol. Will also probably take her to dinner.

Also, my condolences to everyone. Sorry for your loss <3


That’s an excellent present for your mom…She will be happy to see you and your brother and she will be glad have dinner with you and your brother…

Have a great time with your mom on mother’s day…


I have no clue :disappointed_relieved: I’ve been trying to figure it out all week lmao


I am planning on taking her out for an extended weekend vacation.
Possibly horseback riding and dinner.


@davidstrongvo That’s such a beautiful thing to do <3


Do not worry you still have time to figure something out before Sunday…And I hope you figure something out ariellecordell


I’m sure your mom would definitely love an extended weekend vacation with you and horseback riding and dinner is an excellent way to celebrate mother’s day with her…

Enjoy your time with mom this weekend…


Thank you!! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


You’re most welcome ariellecordell…


I am in the middle of hand carving a bird out of some soft blue and gray stone and that’s what I hope to give my Mom. If I finish it and it goes well, she’ll get a little bird and whatever she wants for lunch!


Do you need an extra Mom? :smiley: Ok, I know, a little presumptious since we’ve never met. Maybe next year! You have a lucky Mom!



Hand carving a bird out of some soft blue and gray stone is a very creative gift for moms…Your mom would proudly tell her friends that her daughter is better than their daughter(s) because you gave her a unique gift for mother’s day…

And, enjoy lunch with your mom on mother’s day as well…


We’ve had our Mother’s Day here earlier in the year, but happy Mother’s Day to everybody else around the world! :woman::cake::bouquet:



Happy Mother’s day to you too…


Thank you! :sunny::slightly_smiling_face: