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What Are You Doing About the Messaging Spam?!

Nearly every day I get a spam message from another bogus account. It’s becoming a big problem. What is Fiverr doing to prevent this?

Here’s the THIRD ONE TODAY on my account: 29


I don’t know, I just joined today, and got one not 10 minutes after I became a member.

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I’m using it as an opportunity to increase my response time :smirk: I have quick response ready for those messages and as soon I receive one of those I can in mater of minutes or even seconds send it out and after that report and block.


Just press the button report and mark as spam

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But before reporting and marking as spam, first reply to it so to keep safe your Response Rate. A simple “No” will work just fine! :wink:


I would like to see fiverr do more to prevent these messages. They are so easily avoidable. For example they could use the reCAPTCHA human checker. Before you can send a message to a seller you just have to select the 3 traffic light pictures from the 6 pictures available. Something like that, we have all seen them.

I appreciate that it is easy enough to reply with no, mark as spam and move on with your life but that is kinda like saying “Knife Crime is not a problem, just wear a stab vest when you go to the pub.”

Yes we could all wear stab vests as we go out and get milk or walk our dogs… OR fiverr could just fix the problem so we don’t all get messages from spammers Every Day!

I hope someone with some influence in fiverrs development team can see this and action something. I am doubtful but I have crossed my fingers… under my stab vest.

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