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What Are You Doing To Improve?

Hey, ya’ll! I decided I’d go ahead and make this little post here. (Not much of an intro, but whatever :sweat_smile:!) Recently, I’ve been spending more time on the forum, replying to posts and offering others my opinions on how they can improve their gigs, and I realized I really wasn’t taking my own advice on alot of things.
I think this stems from me having a teach mindset, but I decided to take a hard look at my own gigs for a change, and started implementing a few things, and well, I figured I’d share some of what I’m trying with you. Here we GO :arrow_down:!

  1. Remaking visuals for my gigs. This month, I looked at my gig images, and none of them screamed “I know what I’m doing!”. I had a ramshackle assortment of different fonts, colors, textures, and frankly, it was a hot mess :woozy_face:! This upgrade is ongoing while I work out some other tweaks, but strides are being made to create a cohesive look, which is super exciting! I explored color theory and color psychology to pin down the message I wanted to send buyers, things that would evoke the kind of emotions and thoughts I wanted them to have about me.

  2. Taking better photos to begin with! This actually ties into the above, but recently, I was lent a REALLY nice DSLR camera, and it’s HEAVY- like really heavy, I’m not kidding :weight_lifting_woman:. While the thought of me heroically hefting my camera in the name of good photography sounds appealing, the thought of my arms screaming in agony does not. So, I allocated a good chunk of my budget to getting a tripod. I’m also making myself a photography light box that will elevate my photos even more with great lighting- and bonus, I will no longer have to over-edit to get a decent image.

  3. Rewriting my gigs’ copy. I tend to over-explain things ( this post had a ton of filler before I hacked at it to make something readable :sweat_smile:). I was using my teacher voice, when I should have been using my negotiator voice to tell my buyers more of what value they’re getting, as opposed to telling them how I do it. Generally, people buy a service because they’d rather pay me, then have to learn it themselves.

Throughout the process of renovating my gigs and profile, I’m trying to approach things more holistically, bringing things together slowly so that I remain consistent and can easily track results. I realized it’s not enough for me to read the forum, take classes, and ask for advice- the research without the action, is wasted time.

So, what are you actively doing to update, improve and add value to your gigs and profile? Are you upgrading to better equipment, making edits, doing a better job of tracking data and analytics? Making buyer personas and implementing new ideas or adding new extras to existing gigs? I’d love to hear them! Happy freelancing!!!


I just did round of nip, tuck, hack, slash.

Maybe I am too “teachery”. Hard not to be as that is my role. To help people get their stories told - through music. When I was the top salesman for the car brand I fronted it was teacher/helper manner that got me there. I will admit tho that later people changed and wanted to be given rather than earn their outcome, I was unable to translate to that world.

The people who I do win with are still coming to me because I help them get their story told better than if they a) did it alone or b) went to someone who didn’t even realize (or care) they have a story.

Like you I use the Forum here to try to be a mirror and if I help others along the way (which I very much try/hope for) that is a win for all.



I know I definitely tend to slip into the teacher voice alot more than I should :sweat_smile:. I used to tutor, so it’s hard for me not to default into that role when I’m trying to get information across to someone lol.

In creative businesses- crafting, artwork, etc,- I have found that there’s alot of marketing and effort aimed at tutorials and offering tips, and I think I was carrying that over into my Fiverr profile, where it’s really not needed.

However, I have given some thought to creating a gig where I offer to teach others how to read Tarot, but I know that’s a ways off. I feel that I still have so much more that I can do with my existing gigs, and I also know I need to increase my own education and grow before that happens :slightly_smiling_face:.

This is a relatively recent thing I started hearing that a “teacher” voice is a bad thing. I think it really says more about society: that everyone wants to believe they know everything so anyone who knows something they do not is destroying their good feelings about themselves. Pish posh, that seems to me like the definition of ignorance.

I tried to teach Tarot reading a few times. The problem was that people seemed to think that in 30 mins they should go from being a rock to being Ghost Whisperer. They also seem to think that it is a case of memorizing some simple words about 78 cards that they can rattle back. Story-telling is more complex. Connecting with your feeling is the same. Using one to do the other is an art, not a five-minute fix.

This obsession with Tuts is a big thing in music too. No one wants to be the customer, they all have to be the expert. Sad. Like going to the Dalai Lama and then talking at him about how klevva U is. I wonder what he does with those types. He probably smiles, laughs and tells them something Yoda obscure. Maybe that is what I need my gigs to look like:

I will amazing music mix make - cosmic superstardom will you be


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UPDATE! For the last two weeks, my kitchen has been unusable due to a really bad water leak under the sink that rotted out the dry wall and the cabinet boards. There was black mold growing all over the place- it was NOT a cute scene :eyes:, but it’s finally fixed.

Now onto the actual updates about my ongoing gig improvements!

1: [Taking better photos…] Woot! My new tripod is here :heart_eyes: :pleading_face: (shipping out to the boonies where I live is always alittle bit of a gamble, it’s hard for new delivery personnel to find the farm!). I am currently setting it up now and testing the DSLR camera to make sure it’s fully compatible.

The light box will be tomorrow’s project, and I’ll do a live stream on my social media where I’m creating it, you know, because I just as well do some promoting while I’m being crafty lol.

2: [Rewriting my gigs’ copy…] Ah, here is where I had a sort of revelation! The formatting doesn’t actually translate over from desktop to the Fiverr app, so none of the bolding and highlighting that I did shows up!

I had actually written alot of my gig descriptions in Word first, and when I would copy/paste to make my edits, I didn’t realize that many of my paragraph breaks and bullet lists weren’t in the same places when viewed on the app :grimacing:. I had alot of weird empty spaces and uneven lists making my gigs look very disorganized! I did manage to iron out those hiccups for the most part, but I believe one of my gigs still has some formatting issues that need adjusting.

That’s it for this update! I’m really feeling motivated by the progress and insights that I’m seeing from this process :nerd_face:!

Ooh I had never thought to look at my gigses on my tellingbone (which is really a music storage device). Tanksfully nothing to worrying as such.

Buuut I do see part of why people don’t read any of the Gig info or FAQ, they are all hidden. What a totally stupid idea from some graphic artists who knows nothing at all about selling. All the copy and uniqueness, not to mention requirements needed to deliver a good job, are removed from view, indicating to people that they are not important. Dumb.


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There’s definitely some disconnect happening there on Fiverr’s end! I’ve double checked the app formatting on my iPhone and on my old tablet, and it’s mostly dropdowns for reading descriptions and FAQs.

I’m not sure why, but the PDF file I have in my gallery shows on desktop, but it does not seem to appear in the app formatting? It’s mostly just additional info for the buyer, but it’s a part of my gigs, and I worry that when it’s not viewable on the app, that potential clients will think I’ve forgotten to include it. I haven’t figured out how to solve this, except to put in my FAQ that it isn’t available for viewing on the app.

Once or twice a year I conduct regular maintenance on my Fiverr account.

Things I do normally include:

  1. Review My Profile

Sometimes details change so I’ll tweak and update when needed.

  1. Review Gig Activity

I currently have 9 active Gigs.

If one or more are not performing, I’ll delete them.

I won’t bother trying to tweak or update those as they are duds.

I may even create NEW Gigs to add to the stable.

  1. Review Gig Photos

Again, if something is getting stale, I’ll replace it with something new.

  1. Review Gig Prices

I normally INCREASE my rates once a year.

A regular review will help me to decide if I’ll do that again or add additional Gig extras I can charge a bit more on.

That’s pretty much my normal routine.

I don’t sweat about keywords, impressions or clicks.

I don’t care about “ranking,” Gig Rotation or any of that bunk.

I hope this helps.


I have a new Gig in the wings - waiting for the video to be approved.

Mostly I struggle to get Gigs to fire. I think mostly it is not the place for thoughtful work. People want quick easy, grand promises. Still, I get things now and then and adjust as I feel there was a hole to plug or nicer way to say it.



Thank you for sharing your process @looseink ! I am admittedly not as disciplined as I could be, and I struggle with consistency in my profile, something I’m hoping to change this year :slightly_smiling_face:.

I definitely like the idea of performing yearly or biannual maintenance on our profiles as a whole, and nixing or updating things that don’t work. The constant worry over the much lauded impressions and Fiverr ranking seems to get in the way of objectivity for alot of users! They are so scared to change/edit/upgrade, even if it is good or necessary, for fear it’s going to tank their place in search.

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@benedictrm I know I’ve changed my descriptions so many times over the last year, to the point where there’s almost no resemblance to the originals. My wording was TOO nice in many cases, and it made me sound disingenuous :sweat_smile:.

I had more than holes, I had Grand Canyon size problems in all of my gigs up to now. I know that it was from lack of direction ( sounds like a bad buyer who doesn’t know what they want lol!) but I am trying very hard to achieve some consistency, so that I will be able to build better future gigs.

Oh, a new gig, that’s exciting :hushed:!

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Thanks, @maegan_bertrand.

I think the idea of doing regular updates comes from my years of selling radio, then later, newspaper advertising where it was common to have new copy weekly, monthly, annually depending on the client/product.

It just seems ‘normal’ to me.


The new Gig is up. I’d link it for your convenience but you were silly and put this conversation in entirely the wrong place for that to work for me :thinking:

Suffice to say (which oddly never suffices) it is about making Music Ideas + Variations should someone feel eager for more parts from which to make their musical opus.

:slight_smile: :musical_score:

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Ahhh, balance at last!!!

1: Remaking visuals for my gigs. I have managed to remake all of my primary gig images, and I love each and every one- not even an exaggeration :pleading_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:! They are recognizably mine now, but they all stand alone, and the colors and imagery reveal my emotions and mind where I’m at in my life.

2: Taking better photos to begin with! The tripod that I bought fits the DSLR camera AND my old trusty digital if I need it. I have no idea why I waited to so long to make my own light box for photography, but now that I have, I’m am never going back- ever. The quality of my product photos has drastically improved, and the light box cost me next to nothing to make myself- $50 bucks for a light tent? I think not!

3: Rewriting my gigs’ copy. I actually stripped back and redid my very first gig, and you know what? It’s bloody fantastic! It feels unique, and not only that, but now all of my gigs are written in a way that they look and read like I’m talking in my own voice.

This thread has been as much for me as for those that read it. This forum has become the place where I find camaraderie with like-minded people who have the desire to make their own way.

It’s also been about using psychology to push me to make the changes, by the responses that I received and the inspiration I got from others, holding me accountable for following through on my plans to improve and change. Thanks, guys!


Lost at sea in a forest with a book and a compass.

Definitely has a coherent feel which is good.

Let us know how it goes for you

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I’ve remade all my gigs videos, images, description, pricing and tags and have seen an increase in impressions.
I’ve also invested and upgraded my studio equipment and bought new studio lighting & a brilliant shotgun microphone.


Thank you @benedictrm :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m definitely excited for the possibilities ahead!

@paultoole1 That’s amazing! Having gone through my own profile overhaul this past month, I know how much work goes into it!

What I wouldn’t give for a studio kit with lighting :open_mouth:! I’m already seeing results from my efforts, here’s hoping you see more gains as well!

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I recently had to hobble around in my crawl space to perform electrical work to upgrade my studio lighting. Not fun. :unamused:

You peaked my interest in mentioning a shotgun mic! Might I ask what you added to your arsenal?

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It’s great you’re seeing results. Determination and hard work does pay off. Good luck!

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