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What Are You Doing To Improve?

I’ve added a Deity V-Mic D3 Pro microphone. For the past 2 years I’ve been using a Lavalier mic, but the Deity is an amazing upgrade.
I found the soft box lighting I used in the studio was so big and clumpy, I’ve now swapped them out with LED Bi-Color studio lights. They hardly take up any room and they’re great to light me and my pull down green screen.

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Nice! Lav mics definitely have their place and are great for walk-and-talk shots, as having a boom operator is not normally a feasible option and is completely impossible for a one-person operation!

I’m personally using a big old Sennheiser MKH 416 mounted on an extremely cumbersome heavy-duty boom stand. A smaller, lighter shotgun mic that can just be mounted onto the shoe of a camera, like the Deity, would save a lot of hassle when relocating shots.

And absolutely, working with limited space, traditional soft boxes are a bulky annoyance that frequently require cropping out of a final shot. Trying to optimize lighting myself and a green screen has been a finicky, trial-and-error process to say the least!

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Wow! You’ve got an awesome mic. I don’t think you can beat Sennheiser really. When I was an entertainer on ships, they far performed the Sure SM58’s.

My pull down green screen has allowed me to have extra space and make it a whole cleaner. If you’re interested, it’s the Elgato Green Screen MT - Mountable. £149 here in the UK, so I would image it would be the same in Dollars. The LED panels I use are Neewer, but the metal versions, so they’ll have plenty of life in them.

By the way, I LOVE your gigs, they’re so cool… I hope you keep the success momentum going. You’re a real star!


Thank you most kindly! I consider that high praise coming from someone so experienced, professional, and successful in the field! I’ve only just started offering video services for a few months, but I’ve had a blast performing!

That sounds like an entire thread unto itself!

I have some imported LED panels as well, and they’ve worked wonders so far. My green screen is currently running on a curtain rod being held taut by numerous wall-mounted bungee clips, so, unfortunately, I sacrificed portability the moment I started drilling into the walls!


I’ve redone the gig description, pricing, gig title, keywords, gig images, requirements, changed profile image and description and added two PDFs. Result: zero impressions, zero clicks, jump to the 8th page.

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That screens looks great. You’ve done a super job keeping it taut. That’s the main battle with screens and you’ve done well.

It totally is a compliment, I can really see your gigs doing extremely well.
I’ve been a member of Fiverr since 2012, but only started to sell in August 2019, so I am still learning everyday.

It would be cool to stay in touch!


I just had a look at your profile, it’s incredible :astonished:! Your samples are also very, very nice!

I wonder about something, though. I discovered when overhauling my own gigs this month, is that gallery PDFs aren’t viewable in the app, and the gig’s description in the app can have squirrely formatting, with weird paragraph breaks and the bullet points appearing uneven!
I never even thought of this, but when I checked, I was appalled! So, I had to go into editing mode on my desktop and then check on my phone in app to see if what I changed fixed the blips; took me a while, but I finally got everything to look the same across both!

So, no worries for the spacing, but the bolded sections and highlighted words don’t carry over, either. Maybe it’s the lack of viewable samples then :thinking:? Maybe a more experienced seller than me could offer more constructive advice!


Wow Maegan, totally unexpected, didn’t think anybody would even read my comment, let alone check my gig. Thank you so much for your analysis. I use my smartphone minimally and didn’t even check how it looks there in the app. … Yeah, the overhauling damaged my gig, hopefully only temporarily. But I was also absent from all Fiverr activities for 2 years, so that is probably the bigger reason.

I also checked your gigs and I like their design a lot, the fonts, everything. I read your post about how you want your gigs to speak with your own voice and they do. Authenticity is important even if maybe more people should value it. It’s good to do your own thing.

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Pity about the PDFs not being viewable in the app, though. You and I both have very important info in the pdfs which cannot be easily put anywhere else. Another restriction of space where sellers could explain important stuff… Making images instead of PDFs might be a possible solution, but not when you have a lot of info to transmit.

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You’re very welcome @nadiappp! And thank you for the compliments :blush:!

When I looked at the samples in your file, I noticed the illustration of the person riding the horse, and immediately recognized it as an image used in Tarot cards, the 6 of Wands! It was pretty cool to see that.

I have considered using video or audio recordings in my gigs as a way to include the information that I have in my PDFs. I know that having a video could potentially help me on mobile sales because of the way people use their phones to consume content (think TikTok and YouTube). But I’m not 100% sure if I could make it work for getting the information across, or if I could personally even pull it off :woozy_face: :woman_shrugging:t2:.

Ah, just discovered something interesting again concerning the desktop version vs the app.

I decided to search for your profile using Google, and came upon your paused gig, which does not show on your profile while on site using Fiverr’s search.

The funny thing is, your gig portfolio shows your deliveries, SO, I did another search on my browser, and I’m able to view the gallery’s PDFS:

However, they still do not show in app :thinking::thinking:. The app version is limited, while using a mobile browser vs desktop is actually closer. This all bears further analysis and pondering, but thought I’d share what I’d discovered- hope it’s not too off topic for the thread!!!

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All this not in the app is interesting - and saddening. I wish people would realize that business cannot be done on the phone. It is just too limited (and casual) a format to allow the sort of detail needed to do great work.



Thanks, Maegan, for investigating. I learned something new. Perhaps the quick finger-happy effortless buying from the app explains partially why ppl don’t read anything but some words from the gig title and the price. I don’t know the % of buyers that comes from the app vs the browser, but it seems the trend goes to that direction. Good for simple gigs. For a little more complex gig, I suppose raising the price is the only way to make buyers think and read before buying.