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What are you looking for in the Forum?

Lets try something a little different. To create more connections and help you all connect with the right people in this forum.

Comment below and describe someone that you’d like to meet or something you’d like to learn.

For example, you might say “I’m looking to get more sales” or “I want to meet a fellow seller who in Dallas.”

Please also add some context about why you’re looking to connect with those people, what questions you have, etc.

If you see a request that describes you OR someone you know, respond to it and tag the people you think fit the comment.

NOTE: This shouldn’t be used a veiled promotion, like “I’m looking to meet people who will buy my Gig” or “who will come to my event.” Use this forum to find likeminded people so you can support each other!


i think a ‘top level seller topics’ will be great since we all seller is going towards the top level seller ratings. maybe fiverr should give a space in this forum and ask all the top seller to share their experience in this forums.



I’d like to find a mentor, preferably someone doing voiceovers on Fiverr. I’d like to pick their brain about several questions I have regarding best practices on Fiverr.

Also, are there any Fiverr meet-ups in GA?

Thanks for starting this thread!


I’m looking to get a next level badge on fiverr :slight_smile: Hopefully, I will.


@david_expertise I don’t think you understood the purpose of this thread which is

If you are referring to the TRS badge, those are all hand picked by Fiverr editors. If you would like advice on gigs you can always post your own thread under “Improve my Gig”. This isn’t the right post for this.

Hope that helps.

Edit to add: I see you edited your post, thank you.


I edited the post because Mods better knows what is right :slight_smile: thank you!


Well this is pleasantly refreshing.
I’m mostly here for the networking aspect; to share new and interesting things with common and not so common minds alike. For any digital painters here i’d love a few pointers on techniques that can make the process a tad quicker?


just come in forum to share my experience and learn from other TRS and talented people :slight_smile:


I Come to forum to have fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:(Mostly in conversation category),to learn from senior sellers’ experiences whether they are TRS or not :star:(In tips for seller category) and to welcome new sellers :rose:.
I’m so much inspired by 3 TRS who mostly participate in forum.:boy::woman:(Can’t find a lady with open curly hair lol):alien:(Not sure about gender ha ha!). (I don’t know much about other TRS ). I love to read the comments of some “Regulars” here.:joy:
I read the threads of buyers to improve my gigs according to their tips which really very work for me.:eyeglasses::airplane::dollar:
Over all I don’t use any other social media site but fiverr forum.:v:
Edit: I share my experience and ask for help too :blush:


I usually come here to get latest updates of Fiverrr!


I’m looking to get more ideas/strategies to implement on my selling :slight_smile:


I’ve come to really love the forum in my short time here. I’ve learned so much from so many who freely share their wit and wisdom. Mainly I just read, since I’m so new and still feel like an outsider who’s late to the party!

In all seriousness, Fiverr, and by extension this forum, came into my life recently when I was going through a time of great despair. I know this sounds sappy, but Fiverr has had such a positive impact on my life and I’m so grateful.

This forum really makes you feel like a part of a global family. Okay, I’m done gushing! :slight_smile:


Thanks for creating such a beautiful topic!

Already getting spam messages that I want to be your partner and BLA blah…! Well, it’s always good to know new people for learning something spacial and of course sharing your some awesome tips as well…! Wish you all happiness :slight_smile:


Forum is all about fun for me. It opens myself to people from all over the world having different cultures and it really widens up my mind. I’ve actually stopped using fb or other social networks since I’ve started using fiverr forum regularly. It’s much more fun. It’s great to participate in conversations and seeing some regulars. Especially I’m very fond of some sarcastic persons :stuck_out_tongue:


The Forum is my new ‘favourite’ place when I’m in between deliveries (this and sitting by the pond with my orange juice)
Meeting somewhere from here would be the weirdest thing ever :confounded:
I better leave all members where they are, myself included. And I doubt there could be someone near where I live…
Moslty I share bits of my unlimited wisdom in a form of sarcastic comments salted with teasing speeches and my natural lack of social skills.
Yes, of course… you all can thank me here :small_red_triangle_down:


Yes I pretty much love your sarcastic wisdom. Its like a dose to get running. :stuck_out_tongue:


I come here to enjoy POPCORN. :popcorn:

This is my first and only social media site and i like interacting with people from around the globe. I don’t think i know that much about fiverr so that i can give those VALUABLE TIPS etc.

I just enjoy spending time here with my FORUM friends. :smirk:

P.S to be honest, The tips category is not what it meant to be. So at least i am not among those who come here to checkout the TIPS to improve their gigs etc.


EXACTLY! It’s great here on the forum and interacting with people from all over the world. It’s fun even if you got nothing to say or share, you can still do the ‘stalking’ :eyes:


Just for general chit chat with fellow freelancers I guess. It can be a lonely old world being a work from home freelancer! I would love to meet other Australian fiverr sellers maybe even to organise a meet up somewhere, but I don’t think there are many here, so I’m happy chatting to fiverr friends from anywhere :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: