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What are you plans for Easter?

It’s Easter people, though I’m not a Christian, but I will celebrate it anyways. So I’m planing to travel to South Africa for my Easter, from my fiverr earnings. I want to go to the island. This will be my first. Staying with families and friends is not what I plan now. Just all by myself…

How do you plan to celebrate your Easter?
And oh!
Happy Easter to everyone in Advance…


Here in Western Canada, COVID restrictions were just tightened up (again) as of Midnight.

This means no public or group gatherings, dinning in at restaurants is once again halted, travel restrictions are still in place, etc.

Churches won’t be able to host Easter Services (unless they do so virtually online).

So for my wife and I (Christians) we will likely just stay home and enjoy a quiet meal together.

Happy Easter!


It’s my first Easter in Hungary in the past… 5 years or so. Since everything is closed here as well, we are staying at home (my sister might sneak home but I’m not sure just yet). I’ll probably take at least Sunday off and help my mother cook the meal (ham, eggs and sausages, meat with stuffing, lots of cookies and the like) and try to get out of being ‘watered’ on Monday (hopefully since no one is supposed to be coming around that’ll be easy!
(being watered nowadays means that male friends/family/neighbours come around and spray girls/women with perfume (in the hair) so that they will ‘stay pretty’. Back in time it used to be buckets of water so… still better. Only have to evade my dad this year but that’s not THAT difficult!

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At least you have mapple joe and pan cakes :rofl:

sans titre



My guess you got your two shots of vaccine because no one else is even remotely thinking about traveling.
I can’t even go to the next county.

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@marinapomorac covid19 is not that serious in Africa. Infact for the past 6months, we have been doing business. Shops are open, markets are filled with people, churches are going on as mosques too. I guess cov19 only survives in places with low temperature, unfortunately Africa is quite hot. Infact as we speak, churches are printing flyers for gatherings

My plan for Easter is to work as always.

Like @marinapomorac, I am not allowed to travel - except in case of emergencies or for professional reasons - so I am not going anywhere.

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"Public support for safety measures was high - 85% of respondents said they wore masks in the previous week."

This sentence alone regarding Africa and COVID speaks for itself.

My Fiverr earnings are not on a level I could use them to travel. Mostly barely food money.

For traveling, I should be making 2000$ minimum per month. Just to get to the airport from my city is 150$. So that is 300$ and you haven’t even boarded the plane.

Flight tickets for standing places are 300$. And then apartment, plus if I go to a country that has this crazy “price that is listed is not actually real, we want + tips”…

Maybe I could climb onto the small hill behind my office and look at the city. I did that when I was younger. I consider it adventure and trip “out of town”.


My plan for Easter is to meet up with some family, who live pretty close by.

I’m not sure what we’re gonna do there because of Covid guidelines (and some of us are high-risk), but we’re probably just gonna catch up and play some board games and chat.


Well, chocolates.
Maybe, some cake.

And extra long sleep.


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This Easter … I will be brainstorming and slightly panicked. Apparently there’s a really good chance my kids won’t be going back to school next week.

It almost killed me the last time the schools shut down.

No social gatherings, no one in our house etc here. Also Canada but central instead of western.

Edited to add: i have to hide the eggs too. It would be bad to forget that

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What are you plans for Easter?

Easter eggs and chill. Restrictions are still pretty tight in the UK.

So I’m planing to travel to South Africa for my Easter, from my fiverr earnings.

Enjoy your travels. Stay safe. :south_africa:

No time for easter, have to film 2 videos and have 4 videos at fiverr to edit it :slight_smile: bussy