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What are you reading right now and what do you recommend?


I’ve picked up a new book from Tim Ferriss, the 4-hour workweek guy - Tools of Titans. It’s a big book, I plan to read a few pages from it every day. So what are you reading right now and what do you recommend?


I read The 4 Hour Work Week 8 or 9 years ago. So there has to be another update.
Lately I laid my hands on ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov and still have to start reading it.
Besides this I read ‘Re-awaken the giant within’ by Tony Robbins and some stuff by Paul McKenna.


Have one of Tony Robbins books in my Kindle, on personal finance. Forgot the title. Gave up reading because there is too much subtle marketing of some financial products.


Did you watch ‘I’m not your Guru’ on Netflix?

However, I try to take the time reading ‘Lolita’ during the next days, as my main client is on a ten day vacation.


Tony Robbins is impressive, for sure.


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Right now, I am reading the Fiverr forum. And yes, I recommend it. :wink:


Nobody check this book out, for the reasons outlined in this post: he wants you to review it!

I wasn under the impression that the 4-Hour Workweek was a bit like Tai Lopez: the product is the prize.


I have recently re-read East Of Eden by John Steinbeck and it is the best piece of fiction even written in my opinion. Check it out.


Keep pushing it!

But seriously there are probably better ways and more appropriate forums to try to sell your book. Have you tried the gigs on fiverr that will help gain exposure for your book with Facebook groups? Try your own social media account. You will find a more receptive audience there.


Hi, I understand how hard it must have been for you to write this book and how important it is to you, but you will have to find other ways to market it. Offering monetary benefits to people to review the book will get them banned and will get your book taken off Amz. Be smart!


Hi, Book reading is a good habit. It’s removed your all Tension. when I really big upsate, I read the book and forgotten my upsetness. Book is my best friend. free times read more and more books.
Thanks All.


I just finished the sample of ‘Zero’ by Marc Elsberg.

It starts off with a page of 7 hackers? whistle-blowers? worldsavers? criminals? either way with 7 people with hacker like looking nicks, 6 of them answering the 7ths question if they are ready/his statement that then there will be no safe place for them on earth.
Then there’s some of the usual chaos of a news office, a drone attack on the President and his family (all persons etc. are fictious etc.), a product tester who’s probably one of the protagonists gets a pair of Google glasses (I think it’s actually Google glasses but might be wrong, was late when i read it) for testing and gives in to her daughter’s plea to borrow them…

I think I’ll get it, even if my library probably doesn’t have it and it’s 8,99, I want to know if there’s one girl/woman (or even more) behind one of those hacker nicks and I’d be delighted if she’s ‘snowman’. I love cyber stuff that’s not too far in the future and will make you want to change the side of the street when someone with glasses comes along, not that it will help you anything, if it’s the glasses. :wink:

My recommendation in fiction is for people who like the medieval kind of fantasy, ‘The Wheel of Time’ by Robert Jordan, also lovingly known as WOT. You must be a very avid reader though to get through the whole series. It’s so long that the author sadly died before the end, but another very good fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson, who read it himself, obviously, and got Jordan’s notes and worked together with the late author’s editors and wife, picked it up and he did a good job. So that’s a pretty interesting backstory on top of it and nice for people who are interested in ‘if it shows’. But, again, this is only for avid readers and medieval fantasy fans, then again, who knows, maybe try it, maybe get pulled into it, at least you won’t have a problem with telling someone a Christmas bookwish for the next 14 years, oh and there’s a prequel and a ‘non-fiction’ too, the latter if you start to get confused with all the nations and cities and customs and flags and such. :wink: I re-read books or chapters sometimes, but that might have to do with me writing fantasy as well.

Non-fiction I’m still on ‘Thinking, fast and slow’ by Daniel Kahneman, pretty interesting, would recommend.


Haha, just started ‘Thinking fast and slow’ yesterday. Finally, after having it in my book shelf for a couple of years.


I stumbled over it in my library, so I’ll have to speed up a bit, in case it’s pre-ordered there’s no deadline extension.


I haven’t sat down to read a book in a very long time. The last book I bought was John Grisham - never got around to reading it. He’s a good writer, but they all seem to have a similar theme.

I would love to go back and read one of the classics like Treasure Island or Shakespeare, but lately - I just am not in the mood. Tired all the time. :sleeping:


This one :grin: -


Having a blast with this little gem: