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What are you reading this summer?


Will try to read, still can’t get to this

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Interesting. It reminds me a bit of this selection. I recently saw Mark give a speech in front of 2000 people based on this book and I was at first skeptical, but he is brilliant. Turns out you can learn something from Pink’s drummer.

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Where’s the proof! If you said you can get anything from Pink’s drummer I need proof.

Actually what I said was that you “can learn something” from him. Not “get anything.”

Then I need proof of that.


Great book, a bit heavy on religion but great nonetheless.

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I’m reading the Bible and The Bone People. The Bible is part of a heavy duty on-going reading mission. The Bone people is set in a place I used to live (right by the authors house) and I like to go back there in my mind sometimes.


I am going on a Terry Pratchet marathon and re- read the entire discworld series :yum:

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This is my latest summer reading fun.

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What is it with people and Stephen King stuff? I’ve only read IT and The Shining and honestly, this is one of those cases where the movies are way better.

I get the guy used to write some decent stuff but most of his recent work has been pretty bland. Tried reading this one but just gave up after reading a quarter of it.

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Not for me. I LOVED the Mr. Mercedes trilogy. I haven’t seen the TV series of it because it was only aired on one network that was very difficult to get. The Outsider is new and features a favorite character of mine from Mr. Mercedes although the book is not part of the series. It’s too early to know if they will make a movie from it, but it’s pretty far from bland unless it’s just not your thing. I kind of think you’d enjoy the Outsider more if you had been a fan of Mr. Mercedes, but it is still a stand alone book.

I am enjoying Castle Rock so far, the new King and Abrams series. I’m a long time fan of both, though. I don’t read his fantasy as much so I’m not that familiar with the Dark Tower, but otherwise I’ve loved many of his books, though not every one. The Shining was a really well made movie, at least the first one. The first IT was good too. Some of the movies have been just awful, like The Lawnmower Man. I haven’t seen the new IT though I might just for fun.

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Maybe it’s just me then. If I read something that let’s say for example is the finest in its genre or theme then I’m going to compare every other book that has the same or similar genre to that book.

For example, i compare most fantasy novels to Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle. It’s like Pizza, if you’ve already had the best then there really isn’t much left to enjoy.

Yes, I know how shallow I sound and I’m not proud of it.

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I do have that problem sometimes. With books I think my “palate” is more broad so I can adjust. I also love PC gaming, though, and when I get stuck on a game I become annoyed with every game that isn’t like the one I loved. (Far Cry 3 and 4 were GREAT, FC 5 is out of my budget right now, and no other open world game yet has made me want to play. I just want FC back. :smiley: )

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Far Cry 3 was amazing…the next 2…are kinda the same thing. Regardless, right now I’m having a blast playing Yakuza 0 that finally came out on PC and dear lord is the story the most amazing thing ever.

Since this is a book thread, here’s a book that I’ve been eyeing to get a physical copy for:

If you are a FC fan, I’ll look up Yakuza just in case. I can’t wait to play 5 even if it’s not as good as the others - I’ve heard mixed reviews but I don’t really care. :grin:

On your book idea - OMG! YEAH! I have read the first two of Jenny Lawson’s books (that one is the first) and they are absolutely hilarious. If you like very weird funny stuff with some mixed in mental illness, you’ll like them. They are pretty gross in places, but the gross parts are really funny too. I have those saved on my phone and Kindle so I have something to re-read if I’m in a tense situation and need to laugh.

We don’t have kindle in Pakistan. So I have to get physical copies which makes getting a book more expensive than a $60 pc game.

Ouch! O think this is still on topic in a book thread, so can you use Kindle software? If so, you can run it on any Android, iOS or even on a Windows PC. A basic 7" Android tablet would probably be expensive there I guess but you could turn it into a Kindle. Plus, you can usually get the same ebooks in some other formats. If you get an .epub formatted book you can use free Calibre software to convert it to .mobi for Kindle or possibly plain old PDF.

Either way, Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) writes books that you can read and re-read and I am not the type to read books twice. They are so funny that you can revisit them if things are sour. Worth the money, IMO, unless you are bothered by some gross stuff. (Body functions, bad taxidermy, odd dieting experiences - all fair game for her.)

Sorry for a discussion in a discussion, Mike, I shall try to let go of your thread. I have several book images permanently tattooed on me, so that might tell you how much this is a passion of mine.

I loved those books! Christopher was a homeschooled student who wrote these books while still in high school. He is from my area of the US too! :blush:

I read a lot of fantasy books. Right now I am reading “Oath Bringer” by Brandon Sanderson.

I check all of my books out from the Local Library. I like audio books to listen to while I run errands or do my housework.