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What are you struggling now on fiverr as a seller?

What are you struggling now on fiverr as a seller? What would you like to see fixed or improved on the platform?

For me personally i would love to see fiverr implement more measures against fraudulent buyers who jump in the platform to cause harm and do bad things. We have all experience this one way or another, and in my case i have adapted and learned to deal with these buyers but still it bothers me that i get some of them at least on a monthly basis.

What about you?


In relation to the fraudulent buyers, the ones who also double as resellers. While I’m not against middle-men, as they are critical for both condensing and distribution of goods, resellers seriously mess with the market equilibrium and economy of scale. Fiverr itself is the primary gatherer and distributor, and while they do get 20%+ whenever money changes hands, considering they get nothing when a reseller cancels and incur negative goodwill, one would think they wouldn’t permit the practice.

I think a free Fiverr course on the basics of economics (at minimum, supply and demand) would be helpful, especially for all the new sellers.

I agree with you, and I have faced some problems that are some buyers come to Fiverr for buying some service, and they are don’t know how to buy a service and ordered a gig and finally left the seller review. This is so offensive to me.