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What are you telling your Buyers about the ARS

I know many of us under the thumbs up and thumbs down system, asked buyers if they would give you a thumbs up if they think you did an outstanding job.

Under the new ARS, are asking buyers in your delivery message to give you 5 stars for all 3 areas when you deliver your gig? If so, would you mind sharing the words you provide to the buyer in your delivery message.

I am telling them to not rate me at all.

Until today, I hadn’t been rated at all under the ARS… with my old gigs. I created a new one the other day and my long-term client said that he had to rate me with the stars… There was only one rating for him to choose from - overall experience… I still think the ARS system sucks they can hit us with 4 stars and still get a negative rating.

Not sure how this is all going to play out but I’m not happy… not in the least!

Reply to @ryangillam: Is that because of the ARS?

I always thought not getting rated hurt you in Fiverr’s search results. At least that was what I was told at one time by CS. Mabye for a TRS it doesn’t matter.

I never mention the rating at all. I feel like that’s degrading.

I really hate the whole idea of ratings at all–and I have for a long time. Goodness gracious, in my category we are being rated on our faces, voices, and speaking ability! I have to sort of shut that out of my mind.

Reply to @fayestap: You know, I like your approach to not mentioning the rating, but with the ARS it seems some buyers are not being educated by Fiverr. I read a few posts on the forum from sellers sayng the buyer gave them outstanding remarks but only gave them 1 stars. It makes you wonder if some buyers think that 1 star is a higher rating than 5 stars. I don’t know, Fiverr is pretty poor at giving adequate instructions. I don’t know how many times I have to tell a buyer after they purchase a gig that they need to send me gig instructions or fiverr won’t send me their gig to work on. I blame Fiverr for their awful communication skills and not conveying properly what buyers need to do. I’m sure Fiverr will be just as bad about conveying to buyers about ARS.

I’m going to create all new videos and in the end of every one of them, I’m going to say sarcastically, “Don’t forget to Rate 5 stars! Because we were all too stupid for just a Thumbs up”

Here is the current language that I’m testing…

Either way, if you have questions or concerns of any sort let me know otherwise, please remember to leave superlative feedback! It's the most important part of my fiverr activity.

If you get a "star" rating system, please help us keep Fiverr a review based site and after selecting 5 stars for all categories, please put in your review that you want to change back to the thumbs up review system.

You can of course not rate the gig at all if you prefer. However, if you are unable to rate 5-stars, let me know so I can refund your order. As long as this doesn't happen often, I can continue to help buyers.

I also agree that not rating is better than anything less than 5-stars.

Unlike Fiverr, I want to honor someone who cannot in good conscious give a 5-star review...and I'm even willing to lose time and money on this. However, none of us can do that forever. Consequently, I hope that the "social contract" will win over "human greed"

Reply to @dtongsports: Are you open to making a “generic” version of that video other sellers can use?

Reply to @anarchofighter: I can’t find it now, but I remember reading @kjblynx said that she had several orders that hadn’t been rated and then with the new system they were automatically given .5 stars…Effectively ruining her overall percentages. Doesn’t that make it seem like we should be a bit leery of orders that go unrated?

If I misunderstood, maybe she’ll chime in and correct me.

Reply to @anarchofighter: P.S. Are you copyrighting that? If not, I’d love to use it when I submit orders to my buyers.

Hey anarchofighter that’s a great idea. Getting buyers involved may make Fiverr pay attention more.

Reply to @kissreviews:

By all means, I shared it with anyone to use it with everyone.

I highlight to them that this is a $5 order, and with that in mind the rating should reflect that. In essence, I mention to them, “If you were making $4 what kind of quality would you expect?” Although what I provide to buyers is good quality, they simply have a tendency to not rate it a perfect rating as they don’t seem to realize how much a star rating can effect the seller.

I would honestly be all for the rating system, on orders exceeding at least one max extra. However. They’re making buyers over-think when it comes to $5 which leads to frustrated buyers and sellers. The plus side is with the mutual cancellation service as Anarch is offering, you can simply just refund those simple orders(Honestly think that’s why Mutual cancellation not effecting us was implemented.). Doesn’t help much though when you get an order with extras and invest a good bit of time and deliver something exactly as stated in your profile.

Reply to @freelancemm: Yes, it is amazing what some buyers expect for $5

I simply ask for a 5 star rating. Should have to beg for them though, if my rankings go down as a result, I go somewhere else.

Study your buyer. Their first approach gives you a hint if they are considerate or over demanding kind of buyer. Use the mutual cancellation as that no longer hurt sellers levels and cancellation ratings. Do amazing job that will make the buyer happy but explain to them that there are limitations as what $5 covers. If they insist to do what $5 covers without the willingness to include extras - then do the last option to mutually cancel the order.

I always leave a short message like:

Hoping for full stars! That will be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Reply to @sassygirl23: I was wondering also how many sellers will leave Fiverr if they start getting 3 or 4 star rating. Maybe I will ask in a new thread.

Reply to @steveeyes: I send this out with each order now.

I know my buyers all liked the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down option as it was easy and less time consuming, but we did not have a say in the implementation of the new rating system that the “Powers That Be” at FIVERR have rolled out, so Please don’t shoot the messengers and be kind, it’s not our fault!

Also, if you disagree with this system could you please let FIVERR Customer Service know.

Before this new ARS system happened, about 75% of my buyers would leave feedback. Of the twenty or so orders that I’ve delivered since this system was launched, I’ve had exactly one person leave feedback.

I asked one of my buyers with whom I have a good relationship why he stopped leaving feedback, and he said that he wasn’t rating because the new system takes way too long, especially in comparison to just pressing the thumbs up button and not leaving a comment. I told him to not worry about rating me.