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What Are You Thankful For? Tell Us and Get a Swag Bag!


With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are working on a project for

We’re creating a page full of gratitude cards and we’d love to showcase you on the page. In addition to getting your profile link promoted on the page, 3 participants will be chosen at random to get a bag full of Fiverr swag.

To participate:

In 140 characters or less, tell us what you’re thankful for with a post to this thread

starting with "This year I’m thankful for…” along with an image of yourself that you’d like to appear on the card.

We’ll be sharing the page link and random winners here on this thread, so stay tuned.


This year I am thankful to Fiverr, Because i stared my journey as seller here this year and got success by earning revenue. I have just One word to say, “Fiverr Rocks!”


I am thankfull of fiverr because it gave me somethink to keep my hands bysy, and not hang around facebook and youtube.

I am thankfull because except for getting something to work this, getting better with my services and helping people I’m making profit from this.

Thank you fiverr for being such a good company !


This year I’m thankful for all of the creative entrepreneurs I’m meeting through fiverr!


Oh my. Wow. That picture comes through very…very…large.


This year I’m thankful for my family, the courage they give me, and the amazing opportunities that Fiverr has brought me.


This year I’m thankful for meeting Fiverr - The people who have changed my life and allowed me to live the dream! :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Yay! Thank you. That is better. I didn’t realize I could upload a new one.


This year I’m thankful for my lovely parents,Grand Dad for unconditional love,endless patience and awesome food.I wouldn’t be who I am today


This year I’m thankful fiverr gave the funds/free time to open a new business with my wife!


This year I’m thankful for health, well-being, and a partner who has been the most supportive person I’ve ever met.


I’m thankful for my daughter, being able to go back to school and the awesome support system I have.


This year I’m thankful for my niece, for showing me that simple things in life can make you happy :slight_smile:


This year I’m thankful for the amazing holiday i was able to have using my fiverr earnings!



This year I’m thankful for fiverr for giving an opportunity to the people to make revenues from their talents.


This year I’m thankful for Fiverr providing cost effective marketing and graphic design options for startups like mine.

Seriously, “most” of my logo work came from Fiverr, we use Fiverr for our video needs, and getting a social media presence was a lot quicker with Fiverr than any other options out there.

By the end of November we’re hoping to hit 7,777 facebook followers or more thanks to Fiverr and other efforts on our part and the App is really taking on a life of its’ own.

Thanks Fiverr.


This year I’m thankful for my partner who supports me in crazy endeavors, my friend who made it possible to give them a shot, and my knees for not collapsing yet!


I’m thankful for the wonderful man I found early this year, and that he loves my daughter as much as he would his own born child. I’m grateful for his fantastic family that adopted me as their own. But mostly, I’m grateful for the doctors and nurses that have, and are still helping our family through our daughter’s esophageal problems.


This year I’m thankful for having the chance to wake up everyday and do what I love!