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What are you watching or recommend watching on NetFlix


I just got done watching Sense8 on Netflix. Highly recommend. The first 3 episodes of season one was getting to know the characters but after that, things got interesting and I could not stop watching.
It is a sci-fi type of series but done really well. Watch it but hang in there for at lest 4 episodes and you will be hooked.

One of my favorite scenes – from episode 4

In the last clip of this scene, the man lives in Berlin Germany and the girl lives in India - do you think there is a connection?.


Yes, internet connections are available almost everywhere in India nowadays, they can be connected almost all the time.


True memoirs of an international assassin.
Good one time watch!!


Jio has helped a lot :rofl:


Yes, kind of (20 characters)


Since you asked “what are you watching or recommend watching on Netflix”, I recommend Blue Bloods. The show is many season’s in by this point, but it’s a fantastic series, and one of my personal favorites.

I recommend Blue Bloods if you’re interested in a good morality-based American police drama.


WoW, impressive, some great actors in that, could recognize two of them - they were sort of major movie stars once. Bridgette Moynahan hasn’t aged one bit…looks great still.


Love, Stranger Things, and Shameless are good!


Indeed! Great actors, and some great, engaging performances!

Blue Bloods just started it’s 8th season last week. The first seven seasons are currently available on Netflix. If you like this kind of cop show, it’s well worth the time. It’ll take you a while to get through seven seasons, but I’m sure you’ll get hooked pretty easily. :wink:


Oh…Blue Bloods is one of my favorites on TV. I watch it weekly on CBS. Great show.


Dunno about Netflix but recently watched an Anime called Made In Abyss last night. It rekt me so hard I couldn’t even muster the strength to get outta bed today. (Still in bed)