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What are your 30 Days Pageviews?


I’m working hard to drive traffic to my gigs and I’m just curious about what are your 30 days pageviews! These can be seen from Analytics ( go to Fiverr > Sales > Analytics). Please post a screen capture of your pageviews, as a proof!

These are my pageviews:

I’m following it daily… If I’m bringing more traffic today, then tomorrow I’ll see a higher number for my 30 days pageviews…

That’s an impressive number of pageviews. Sure beats mine!

Thanks, at least you have a higher conversion rate… I supose the kind of traffic make the difference (your traffic is more targeted, or the main source is from Fiverr - who knows…)

Holy beep!!! How do you get THAT kind of traffic?


Would be mighty nice of you if you could give us some tips about how to get even a tenth of the kind of traffic you are getting.

27,128 - Pageviews

I don’t blv this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think i have about 2000 views with 7 Active gigs

I have only 223 unique pageviews… but I have higher conversion rate… 0.9%… :slight_smile:

Active Gigs- 1

Page views- 29

Gigs Saved- 45

13.8% Conversion


It seems that somebody (who knows?..) reseted my Fiverr stat and now I have only 593 pageviews/ 30days (also 4 gigs of mine have 0 views for last 30 days, also is included the best sold gig ).

But no problem, I’ll never stop to bring traffic using SEO (blogs, forums, web 2.0, guestblogs, social bookmarks, social networks, article directories, etc, etc, etc…).

How I get this traffic?

  • with Senuke Xcr (usually, if I have time, I create around 100-200 SEO campaigns - with my own templates);

  • with GSA SER I’m running around 10 SEO campaigns 24/24/each month (but I highly customize it and I’m using hundreds of keywords and email accounts).

  • using a high class indexation service.

    At the beginning: my 30 days stat!!!

    I’ll update this thread after a couple of days with my new stat. Also, I’ll try to increase my performance skills to rich 100.000 views/30 days, to check if it’s possible…

Reply to @smokey1871: I rented a VPS and I’m using 24/24/month Senuke Xcr and GSA SER (highly customized).

I have made this Gig from just seven days ago and my weekly impressions are 150 and 100 are clicks however my weekly page views are 500 above

Listing of Magento

Reply to @whitehatseo10: Thanks for the answer.

Here is mine

So, one day later = 3000+ pageviews (I hope to rich 100.000 pageviews for next 30 days):

Reply to @stiper23: Nice conversion rate.

1709 Pageviews, 3 gigs and conversion rate is just 5.3 % :frowning: