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What are your 30 Days Pageviews?






Reply to @misscrystal: Your numbers are better than mine. Mine says 781 only. Maybe because I returned from a 20 day vacation just a few days ago.


Traffic means nothing unless you’re converting it, simply blasting your gig with SEO Software is NOT going to do you any favours


Is the conversion rate per month? If so would that mean criticmania has had about 85 sales in the past month? Or if not, how do they figure that conversion rate?


I started fiverr in 1 month,

15k Impression,

4.9% conversion,

122 PAGEVIEWS, How to improve this


I don’t have many pageviews at all! Haha my conversion rate is pretty decent though and I only have 1 gig so not too shabby? I also took a 4 day vacation recently and I’ve only been on Fiverr for a little more than a month at this point.