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What are your average views per day?

hello! so i’m interested in what is normal in the views department. i’m quite new so for me for all my gigs about 15 per day (but only when i’m sleeping :disappointed_relieved:) about you?

There is no “normal” number of daily views, because every category of gigs has its own “normal” that differs from the normal of other categories. For example, a logo design gig may have hundreds or thousands daily views, which would be normal considering how many need a logo, and health-related gigs may have just tenths of daily views since most would rather go to an doctor to get help.

It all depends on the category/niche of the gigs, with each category having its own “normal” average daily views.

More so, it also depends on how well the gig is designed, how well it converts to sales, how optimized it is in comparison to all the other hundreds or thousands of competing gigs, and many other factors.


Ups… never has crossed my mind to count how many daily views my Gigs have! :grimacing:

It is anywhere from a few hundred to two or three depending on the gig.

It depend upon many factors such as in which category you belong to, how many people are searching for the same keyword which you select on your gig etc…