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What are your feelings about 2020?

For me, it is full of sorrows, unsuccess, and painful years. Hope next year will be brings something good for me. Please pray for me.



2020 has been brutal.

I found out that I have congestive heart failure and am still recovering from that. I also have a kidney tumour.

My wife and I had to close one of our businesses for 14 weeks during a COVID shutdown. It severely impacted our income.

My freelance work has suffered from my health as I have been “out of office” a lot this year.

However, my situation is minor compared to many others out there who lost jobs, houses and much more.

So…although I think 2020 was horrible, I know I’m not the only person affected by it and look to 2021 with a great deal of optimism.


Really, it is horrible for all. I hope, God will help us come out of this situation.

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2020 will be remembered as a year of sorrows and uncertainty, but you should not loss the hope, one day you will have your moments of joy, success and merriment, stay positive :blush:

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It was like a crossover movie with action, thriller and horror genres.