What are your feelings on Express Delivery wiping out extra time on your extras?


This question is for those of you that are providers. When you have gig extras and have extra time allotted to them (as they are often larger jobs that you charge more than $5 for), what are your feelings about Express Delivery wiping out the extra time allotted?

Do you feel Express is for the main gig or should it be applied to everything that someone orders?

I’ll save my thoughts until after you have your say…lol


I don’t mind because I only give a two or three day turn around option, so I’m still able to get orders in on time.

Although, I might not be the best person to answer this question, as my gig extras have extra time allotted to them, but they don’t usually need that extra day or two, I just like having more buffer. If it was a gig with really time consuming extras, I might find that frustrating.