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What are your goals with the money you make from Fiverr?

OK, so I have yet to have one of my gigs sold yet. But, my goals for the money are to fund other bigger projects I am working on. I have already ordered gigs from others to help me and I couldn’t even get where I am without their help already! I have so many things I am going to do! I don’t want to buy a car or house nothing like that. I want to publish my book. I want to help students around the world with their math. I’ve been reading a lot of motivational, non-fiction books lately. Some are amazing I have got a lot of advice out of and the most common one is NOW IS THE TIME, we don’t have second chances on LIFE. So whatever your dreams what are you doing to achieve them? MUCH ALOHA, jennyjennjenn

I wanted to leave a bad job but there were no great jobs that I wanted to commit myself to full time. Fiverr allowed me to put together my own business plan with a few different income sources. I’m so much happier than I was before and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how big a piece of the puzzle Fiverr has become. Now I have freedom, independence, more money and much higher job satisfaction.

Just save save SAVE! I want to eventually invest all the money I make from this into better equipment and other ways to really improve my business. I want to take classes and learn tips so I can eventually move from doing this online to actually voicing in real studios for big companies.

I want to make $1,000,000

i had no job i tried to get a job with good salary but became failed again and again four months ago some one gave a suggestion to try on Fiverr, i tried and became successful after 3 months later, now i am level one saller
i am happy

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use the money i make to teach other young people that Fiverr is for real. As well as explore more on my expertise.

I;m professional graphic designer. and level 2 seller. I know It is a BETTER market Place.
I hope that In future Fiverr is a TOP freelance market place.

Thanks lot Fiverr!!!

I wanted to settle some debts and help me with my expenses, and with that help me out with my own personal projects. Now I am seller Level 2 and I have so much work that i cant believe it :D!, my incomes are growing everyday so the money its not more a worry for me.

FIVERR is my main income source. I am graphic designer. Its really help me and my family. Its a better market place for freelancer.

Thanks a lot Fiverr ("_")

Fiverr has become a great second source of income. As other jobs cut back on hours fiverr has helped to fill that gap. My goal for this year is to save the money I make on fiverr and use some of it to fund new ventures to make more income.

My goal is to supplement my income and be able to re-invest into my side hustles.

I am very happy and thank fiver a lot because it is giving the avenue to reach my audiences that needs lyrics to crete their songs, and in the future will allow me to be able to make lots of money to assist me to buy better equipment for my upcoming business. I would like to create an online platform where people access lyrics for any genre. Thank Fiverr.

I hope you all reach your goals, mine is to always deliver the quality that my customers require and make more money than last year.

I’m using Fiverr mainly to pay down a lot of credit card debt I’ve accrued from life in general and paying for tuition.

But I’m also using my Fiverr earnings to pay for my fiance’s engagement ring! So that was a big step that I couldn’t have made without Fiverr!

You don’t need money from Fiverr to publish a book. If you have the book written on Microsoft Word, you can upload that on Kindle Direct Publishing.

Besides, publishing a book is no big deal, what matters is whether your book sells. If it doesn’t sell, you wasted your time. My suggestion? Write your book, buy a good book cover on Fiverr (you can design your own on Amazon, but it doesn’t look professional), and then see what happens.

Just don’t get your hopes up, most book writers don’t make enough to support themselves.

I am a Photoshop expert, Graphi designer.
If you need any work
Feel free to contact me
I will professionaly do it in 24 hours with money back guarentee and changes until you satisfy :slight_smile:

I been on fiverr for seven months still waiting for my first gig posted on facebook, twitter with no success.

That’s good :slight_smile: I like your motivations

I’m an author’s coach, helping professionals and entrepreneurs write and publish their books. I’d like to boost my Fiverr presence and have this become at least 25% of my annual business revenue.