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What are your impressions on your best gig in the last 7 days?


Does anyone else have impressions of less than 1000 per week?

I have a few gigs that get about 1200 impressions a week. The rest don’t even get 1000 impressions a week which seems low to me as historically on this site I have had lots more than that.

What are your impressions on your best gig in the last 7 days? Mine is about 1500 a week.

My best gig used to get over 40,000 impressions per month, or 10,000 per week when I was newer.


I don’t really check that…my way of checking whether I am doing well or not is - 1. Am I booked for the next 30 days? 2. Do I have a 4-figure number in to-dos. Never check anything other than that. 2017 has been a very good year for me in that regard, have always been busy. But I suspect my stats are not good and I don’t know, maybe I have disappeared from search.


My best gig has 2.8K impressions in the last week. However, a huge portion of those came from one day when I updated my tags/descriptions. After that day, the impressions took a massive nosedive and have stayed there.


Mine is minus 8.2K and falling. Impressions on all new gigs which I am creating are rising very quickly, though.

What I am fuming about is search placement. My real estate video gigs keep dancing between page 1-2 and then just disappearing completely. As does my explainer video gig. The annoying thing is that my main competitor (shameless vendor of stolen Envato studio templates) either stays in the same place or rises to the top of search results as I go down.

Also, when I do appear in the search, I get orders. When I don’t, I don’t and there is nothing like late deliveries or bad reviews on these gigs. PLUS I reduced delivery times on all to 1-day.

So far, I have done a hell of a lot of experimentation and tweaking over the past week but the search is uncontrollable and orders are non-existent. I think not getting orders reduces visibility but this is just silly as as soon as anyone’s average orders per week or month reduce, their gig visibility will reduce and this will lead to impossible recovery as other gigs are promoted in their place. - Just a theory.


My impressions are so low it’s a miracle I get any orders at all. People really have to be
determined to drill down through all the places to click after a search to find my gigs.
I see lots of copies of my gigs in good positions.