What are your most effective marketing methods?


What are your most effective marketing methods? How get you noticed the large number of potential future customers? Please, give your opinion.


Go on,guys


Social networking, strong this method


In my experience, a great marketing method is the following:

I have a gig for website content. If you give me 5 dollars, I will create a high converting post of 300 to 450 words. The truth is that I love to write, and to be honest, my creative being needs more words to decently nail an idea, so most of my customers really get 500 to 650 words when they only paid for up to 450.

This really had a great effect, not only because of the great feedback, which is almost guaranteed to be awesome (think about it, you delivered more than your customer’s expectations), but also, this gave me a lot of returning customers, and the great thing about it is that they started to purchase the extras. Yupi!!!

I started to do this because I noticed that it was very hard for me to limit my writing, so one day I simply did it, I wrote until I finished the idea, keeping the balance between my personal satisfaction and the money paid.

The effect was awesome, I never planned this, but it worked very well.

In short, I would suggest you to think about that extra mile that can surprise your customer and assure you great feedback. Needless to say that you have to deliver good quality, if you deliver a bad quality work and you expand that, you won’t get anything.

I share this here because I think it would be awesome if more people do this and share their lessons learned, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Hope you find it useful!



Thank you bsharpe1983,joselozano, I will think about it.


Try to connect with most social media friends under your niche. Because they will understand your business well.


The best ever marketing method is word of mouth !


Yeah, but what about other marketing?

Going the extra mile withing a gig is good, but what about until your gig gets noticed? I’m on fiver for more than 2 years I think, but I had to stop for about a year for personal reasons. So now I deleted old gigs and I’m starting fresh. I was going to only leave one gig, the one with lots of feedback, but I accidentally deleted it too. So I’m taking it as fresh start.

But last time it took me months to start getting regular gigs, while I saw people in the forum saying they made 200-400$ in their first month. The first time around I did no marketing at all, I just let it happen or not…so I’m wondering what I can do this time?


Reply to @iamrohit: Thank you for the advice!


I am here for one month, but still I don’t have any orders.So now, I try to promote my gigs here.I think you must try this.Do your own blog and make sure that many people will see it/make discussions about your product and post it.There are many ways to promote and i think this will help you!


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Reply to @mistrizone: A good way to promote yourself is to participate in this forum, asking questions and answering questions, helping others, but be careful not to promote your Gigs or username directly, that would be s*pamming the forum. Just help others, and naturally people will want to know who you are and what you are offering. You also have the Fiverr LinkedIn social group.

My favorite and successful way of promoting my Gigs is social networks. I have huge social accounts, this is necessary. Apart from that, I do about everything I have learned in my 13 years of making a living online, i.e. blogging, advertising, participation in forums, email marketing, Traffic Exchanges, etc …


Reply to @magellon: I really appreciate your advice! Thanks a lot!


I have a situation that’s directly related to the question of marketing. Recently I created a “write you a song” gig. Immediately I got customers (although it’s slowed down). Alternatively, I created some gigs concerning backing tracks(piano) and instrumentals. These gigs haven’t generated nearly the traffic. I followed the exact same strategy -including key words, video and attempted to separate myself from other gigs that are extremely similar. Any suggestions as to why my second gig would under perform?


Thanks for the tip


I completely agree with @mayfairw1 because it was my own local word of mouth advertising about my new gigs amongst my own friends that helped significantly gain my first orders.

Now the interesting thing about word of mouth is that my first orders did not come directly from my friends; my first orders were from my friends-of-friends and it was my friends recommendations to my gigs that helped me get my first Ten orders thus leveling me up to Level 1 Seller status.

And the best thing about word of mouth advertising was that it was completely free.


Right on @bachas85 !!! I’ve actually had repeat customers because I helped them solve a problem and I even kept the lines of communication open even after the sale. When I received my first repeat customer and had them say they in the 2nd order instructions that they felt comfortable working with me, it was really amazing.


Thank you all for your tips and opinions!


Return customers due to happy impressions.


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