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What are your most used extra's to the basic gigs?


I’ve noticed that some gigs have long lists of extra’s. Interested to hear about what extra’s you recommend.

Which of your extra’s are most used by your clients?

Which would you recommend adding and how do you decide how to price them?

Any additional tips and thoughts about the gig extra’s?



It depends on what gigs you are trying to sell as extras are usually related to gigs.

For Example, voice over artists offer extra words, music, grammar check etc.

Agreed, it very much depends on the category.

Well I’m interested in uploading gigs in illustrations and voice over categories. Any specific extra tips/recommendations?

Source files. Some sellers include it in their base gig, however, have it as an add-on & it gets frequently purchased. I have had bad experiences with the stock photo thing so I am going to disable it - it wasn’t well-thought-out by Fiverr in my opinion.