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What Are Your Sources Of Income Besides Freelancing On Fiverr?

I create WordPress themes and sell them on WordPress themes marketplaces and on my own WordPress Theme site. I have made a lot of money selling my own WordPress themes online

What are your alternate sources of income?


Awesome.I am in Fiverr last one year.I only freelance work in Fiverr.At present time I have no other income source.But I am trying to build up my skill and will try to do something like you.

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Youā€™re on the right path when you said that you will acquire more skills before you start creating you own WordPress themesā€¦ You need to focus your learning on PHP ; HTML/CSS and JavaScript before you start creating WordPress theme like I doā€¦

I would love to know more about how you do this. Do you also program the themes or just design them and sell them?

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I program and design the WordPress themes that I sell on WordPress theme marketplaces and on my own websiteā€¦


Looking at my sales for 2017, my income streams break down as follows (with percentage of income from each area):

  1. Marketing agency (software, security, technology topics): 25%
  2. Marketing agency (business formation and management topics): 18%
  3. Fiverr (mainly business, finance, and tech topics): 17%
  4. Private client (payment processing and software reviews): 6%
  5. Private client (currency exchange and guides): 6%
  6. Private client (currency exchange and reviews): 4%
  7. Around 20 other clients: 24%


I love how you diversified your income because thatā€™s the best thing to do to attain financial independence and stability ā€¦


I have been around fiverr for a long time, but only started selling in the last few months.

I am using fiverr to validate some methods I have taught others.

I have marketing clients that I make about half of my money from and have systematized those methods into a SaaS model. I make the other half consulting/training business owners on sales and marketing, as well as solving problems for them. Most of the second method we are building into more of a course style method, I hate trading time for money.



Youā€™re absolutely right freelancing on fiverr is trading time for moneyā€¦No one likes trading time for money because its not a reliable source of incomeā€¦

Where as your Software as a service(SaaS) would be a great source of residual income for you and will help you generate money while you sleep

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Thanks for sharing.

Basically, all ā€˜traditionalā€™ ways of earning money are based on the trade time for money principle.

Only when you find ways to create a passive income, like with Saas, or a popular website with Ads, or why not even investing in stocks, you can start enjoying an income without having to trade time for it.

Time is the one and only scarce resource we have. And I think thatā€™s the beauty of being independent/freelancer. There is absolutely no difference between doing digital Gigs on Fiverr or being a self-employed plumber; you find your customers and do the work they pay you for in the shortest time you can. Time=money, literally. If I had more time, I could deliver more orders per day/week/month. But I donā€™t. So the only way for me to increase is to get better in what I do so I can increase my price.

Having a (partial) passive income should be the no1 priority for all freelancers IMHO



You nailed it because the income one generates on fiverr fluctuates from time to timeā€¦Freelancers on fiverr always experience what we call feast or famineā€¦So generating multiple streams of income would create stability for freelancers on fiverrā€¦

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Alas, I cannot tell you, lest I add undue competition to what I do. :wink:



Thatā€™s good for youā€¦

Yes, it is. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Youā€™re welcome

Apart from Fiverrā€¦
I make cupcakesā€¦ :cake::birthday:
And I help out a few local clients with video editing, 3d modeling & autocad draftingā€¦
(working on my wordpress blogā€¦and start on my writingā€¦)



Thatā€™s really good that you sell cupcakes and help local clients while freelancing on fiverrā€¦

You have also made a smart move by starting a WordPress blog because you would generate passive income whenever you place advertisements on your blogā€¦

You can use the money you generate from blogging, selling cupcakes and helping local clients to travel around the world or for emergency purposesā€¦