What are your tactics for building long lasting relationships with your clients?


As a freelancer with main income from fiver, for me regular buyers are the best and I always try to make them come back for more. Some of the tactics that I use are:

  • I always try to give them priority no matter of the queue.
  • Give them a bonus from time to time, so that they feel special.
  • I try to get to know them and be friends with them, so that they know I am someone they can rely on.

    These are my tips for building client relationships that last. What are yours?


Thanks for sharing ilgeorgiev - I always deliver with a bonus, no matter if new or returning customer. Then, if a returning customer I give an extra bonus. The problem I am facing is … that almost all of my most faithful returning customers do not take advantage of the bonuses and extra bonuses that I am offering them, so I feel that they are cheated compared to a one time, or returning once customer, but what can I do? #-o