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What benefits do you get from Fiverr Pro?

Hello everyone! I would like to know what benefits you get as a Fiverr Pro seller.

I did some research and found out that you get similar TRS benefits, such as V.I.P. customer support and 7 days waiting time for your money to be able to withdraw that you earned, VS. 14 days for non-TRS and non-Fiverr Pro, (I will be using FP to shorten throughout here.)

I’ve heard that you get to use some Fiverr beta programs, but what programs are these and what do they do? I am thinking of applying for FP and I am not sure if it is worth it. I want to know whether it is.

I have 2 reviews on my gig and 1 active order as of right now.

Like I said before, I heard that there are some exclusive benefits for FP, but want to know them in more detail.

If someone that is FP or knows about FP can give me some information about it, I would be very glad.

Thank you!


@frank_d is a PRO seller. He may be along to answer your questions.


Thank you @vickiespencer, always with the assist!

@adrian_1976 I think you won’t like my answer, but I will gladly share a few things with you.

I think that anyone who asks the question: “is Fiverr Pro worth it, or should I not apply”?

Is not in the right mindset that will make them Fiverr Pro material.

Right out of the gate that question is based on a reversed limiting belief.

The true question behind it -I think- is whether or not you are enough.
Whether or not you can make the cut.

At least that’s what I came to realize after I initially said no (twice) to the Fiverr rep that asked me if I wanted to join back in 2017.

I think that’s something you and only you can answer, by trying to filter out the voice inside yourself that makes you doubt what you can do and who you are.

On the other hand, if your question is based on the fact that it seems like a lot of effort to just fill out a -granted complicated and extensive- form, then again, maybe you are not Fiverr Pro material.

I mean if you have to have someone confirm that what’s inside this exclusive club is worth the time an effort it takes to fill out a form, I don’t know why, but it doesn’t seem like this way of thinking will get you in.

Fiverr Pro sellers are not just selected based on their portfolio and skillset as artists (writers, marketers, etc)

They need to also be at the top of their game in terms of handling all aspects of a business.

-Assessing client’s needs
-Closing Sales
-Handling complex projects
-Scaling operations
-Providing impeccable customer experience

The list goes on.


It is explained here:


I would like to know more about this. I haven’t still get this.

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Did you send in an application?


No, I didn’t. Will I have to apply for getting this service?

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No you don’t have to apply for it.
The same as you don’t have to eat if you are hungry.


There is an application to be filled out to become a Fiverr Pro.

For more information see here:

From this document:
How does Fiverr decide whether I’m eligible to become a Fiverr Pro seller?

Fiverr business buyers want the very best. We, therefore, request Fiverr Pro candidates to go through a vetting process: We’ll ask you to tell us about your professional background, your higher education, notable projects you’ve worked on, etc. Once we get to know you, we will evaluate your application form and notify you whether you were found eligible to open a Fiverr Pro Gig.


Thanks for your help

Thanks for this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for shared.

Thank you very much for according your valuable clues. :slight_smile:

Anyone seller can apply FP or what is process

Anyone can apply, few will be accepted.

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