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What Boils My Blood


Hi Everyone,

I hope you are well. This little post is just to show what really boils my blood. The service I provide is custom logo animation which requires me to animate a client’s logo. A client would provide the materials as well as a small write up and I’ll provide the service to the best of my ability. However, every once and a while I get buyers who do this nonsense, I just cannot understand what drives them to do this.

Note this requirement is also placed in two other places:
. My Gig Description
. My FAQs

Please see the attachment, the floor is open!



:confounded::fearful::exploding_head: Welcome to the freelancing world!


Oh I’ve been here a while… I just meant how annoying it is.


This is really annoying, as i am website developer and many times people just come up and place order without knowing prerequisites.
SOLUTION : Ask for time and ask client to provide prerequisites to start work.


I agree, this is really annoying. Something similar recently happened with me as well. I simply send them time extension request. Some of them eventually submit required info and some end up cancelling the order.


The latter is what usually ends up happening in my cases despite me sending order extensions and so forth. Of course we as sellers are penalized for buyers not following directions, in the past it was neither here or there but now…


For gigs like yours there should be a way to stop an order without cancelling it and leaving it “pending” until the client gets a design.


Sorry to hear that. Seems to me you have too many clients who think, “ooh, I would like to have my logo animated! Neat!” Then they order and they don’t have what you need.

I bet most of them don’t even have the original files. Don’t know anything about EPA, AI, layered PDF, etc.

My advice is put the disclaimer at the top of your gig description.

Notice: This gig is only for those who can provide a logo in EPS, AI, etc. I do not accept jpgs.

Even then, I can’t guarantee you won’t have clueless people ordering.

Someday Fiverr is going to have to stop punishing us for mistaken orders.


Thanks very much for the suggestion, a good idea and I have it already in my gig description at the top, not the top top but just below my introduction. Sadly, as you said, persons still ignore. Not all, but a few.


My pleasure. My advice was for the top top. Of course, you can always use CAPS like in the example below.


Here’s other examples:

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not selling Facebook Traffic. I don’t design anything, I don’t create pictures for ads.


Please note that this is an editing-only service. I do not write new content.

Some disclaimers came after having bad experiences. It’s shocking how some people get confused about the simplest things.


Well if you would not have your completion rate dropped, you could just cancel and end it.

But you will get penalised if you’ll cancel, even if it’s not your fault. Makes no **** sense.

I hope you’ll sort this out.


I just got two messages to make videos, which isn’t even close to what I do. But at least they asked first!