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What brand Of Sunglasses are They Wearing


What brand of sunglasses are they wearing? Please help! Or how can I find the brand?


Those are such a common universal design that you can find even in drugstores it really does not matter what brand it is. Try Ray-Ban sunglasses as they have those types.


Ok, well im trying to find the latest celeb news where there wearing a brand sunglasses and I can’t find any latest news with celebs wearing sunglasses.


If you go into any eyeglasses shop you will see many brands and they all have ones that look like those! There is not one thing about them that is unique to any brand.


Happy anniversary BTW! I taught a student called Ray Ban once - yes, he was named after the sunglasses…:no_mouth:


The gal in the red sweater is wearing aviator sunglasses. You can easily buy them for cheap on eBay!


Thanks guys! That helped a lot!


Tommy Hilfigger, Anne Klein, Silhouette, are some brands that have those, in fact almost any brand has ones like those.