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What brings your gig to the first 3 pages? Tired Seller

What really brings your gig to first 3 pages on fiverr?
I am a new seller at fiverr and I have done everything required to get noticed.

What next will you recommend?

  1. Look for keywords from sellers on first page and use them ? DONE
  2. Use keywords in title and in description? DONE
  3. Emphasize on the keywords in your description ? DONE
  4. Use Video ? DONE
  5. Optimize Images ? DONE
  6. Add multiple gigs ? DONE
  7. Reduce your rates ? DONE
  8. Offer more services at lower rates ? DONE
  9. Promote your gigs on social media forums ? DONE

What else? I still dont want to give up but I cannot even find any motivation to stay.


Offering a gig where there aren’t over 59,000 competitors?

Is there anything you could offer apart from logo design?


Hello Smiler3D. Thank you for responding. Yes I am a developer as well.
I created 7 gigs in total for different jobs but didn’t get response. I think new sellers cannot really sell here unless they use unethical techniques like getting paid feedback.
Why will buyer trust a new seller with zero reviews. :frowning_face:

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One of the first gigs i purchased on Fiverr was for a youtube banner for my son. Sure i could have hired a level 1-2 seller but i figured i would give a new seller a shot. I found one that was currently online and explained what i needed from her and she said she could get it done in 24 hrs for $5. I left her a proper review. 6 months later she has about 36 reviews under her belt. I like to think that i helped out a bit.


Do not try to buy paid order as this is volition of TOS and don’t worry its normal some new seller get order within one week and some take months, if you really did all those you mention then send buyer requests daily and get order from there and share your gigs on SM and engage people to buy your services on Fiverr

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Hello h6nyc6. Thank you for responding.
Okay so your story motivated me. I hope I get as lucky as that girl. fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why someone need to be worried about his/her gig placement on specific page.
Just do good job and get another one !

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This is a bit insulting, don’t you think? :smirk:

Please don’t generalize :roll_eyes:

I see you already have 6 reviews. If what you say were true, have all of them been paid reviews?


Because new seller offer services in lower price all you need is attractive images or portfolio in PDF form in your gig images section this will engage your buyer and they will definitely buy your service if you make strong feel of your skill set.

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Hello coolbird001. Thank you for responding.
I hardly find buyer requests on my feed. I will still try and respond to every request I find.
Thank You

I had/still have ONLY one gig. I was a new seller. I NEVER once used a tactic that even so much as veered towards unethical. I was able to sell on Fiverr.

To summarize, it is very much possible. :slight_smile: Since your category/sub-category is very competitive, it might take a little longer/greater effort. But, it is still possible.


Find specific time according to your region and when ever you find request please do not refresh your page so they will remain once you refresh there is chance all will gone.So send all those you find.

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Hello Maitasun. Thank you for responding.
My bad. I just shared my opinion. I know that not ALL SELLERS use unethical techniques.

No. I got those reviews from my clients. I offered them extra discount when they agreed to pay me over fiverr.

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Hello hanshuber16. Thank you for responding.
I am glad things worked for you.
I will wait for some more time! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I will follow that technique for sure. Thank You so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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From a similar perspective, why do you think anyone would trust a seller who tries “unethical techniques” to get sales? Buyers want honest sellers. Be an honest seller.


Like @j6nyc6 one of my first purchase was from a level 0 seller. :wink:

I needed my profile image “painted.” I still have that image on my main gig. Also, it took me 45 days to make my first sale, and I see you have been here for about 60 days and you have six orders.


I can see you are getting orders. Some sellers haven’t got any orders from months .Try to improve your works,try to be online most of the time ,try to send 10 buyer requests .And do not try to be TRS in one day .Gig ranking depends on account status like as order completion rate,delivery on time,response rate,reviews,skill tests,gigs keywords,description,title ,images,levels ,etc .So , keep patient and work hard your gig will be ranked up automatically .

I like this Quote.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
Thomas Edison

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You’re aware that literally everyone started as a new seller with zero reviews, right?


When I started selling on Fiverr, I only received about 1 order every 1-2 weeks for the first 5 months or so. It was really slow. Then all of the sudden my gigs took off! Now I have regular clients and I’m busier than ever. It takes time.