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What Brought You To Fiverr?

Over the past few weeks, I have counted at least 12 new Fiverr members per day introducing themselves here as new Sellers. What I think would make for an interesting thread is for everyone reading this (new Member or not) to answer how you found Fiverr.

For me, I was looking for something my wife could do “on the side” at our office as she was not being challenged anymore in our brick-and-mortar, main street storefront operation. While searching, I came across a few freelancing sites, including Fiverr.

I thought it would be more interesting to me than to my wife to start freelancing. I owned a community newspaper at the time and thought freelance writing could be a fun Gig.

I started at a different platform and eventually moved to Fiverr as I found Fiverr was much easier to use.

That was back in January 2014. I have been freelancing full-time since September 2016 after we closed the newspaper office and I moved to a work-from-home job.

How did you find Fiverr?


I believe I found Fiverr through YouTube recommendations - as simple as that.

I started freelancing in early 2020, but was surprised I somehow registered in the past (I actually can’t remember how I came up with registering way earlier :laughing:).

Anyway, I don’t really have that wide backstory as yours, but I always wanted to somehow earn at least something by working on a computer (and being at a young age), so I started researching, finding different ways, but eventually finding Fiverr on YouTube and I was immediately interested in it. I found a niche and won a jackpot. Nevertheless, I am still a teenager and I see a bright future with interesting ideas.


Very cool story!

Thanks for sharing.


I need people to work with. I have been Producing & Mixing my own records for 3 decades now.

I have advised and even stepped in and rescued mixes for other people for all that time but mostly they didn’t pay as I was just “being friendly” and in-hope that when people finally got serious, they would hire me properly. Interestingly in all cases, people I helped went hiring people who were not me, normally for more money, with results that I would never deliver.

This made me figure that doing the network thing was not what it was supposed to be (from when I was a kid at least) so I might as well just make it a straight-up business transaction. Everyone seems to be crying for great mixing. I can do better than many so why not get paid to deliver what people say they are desperate for?

Sadly tho as soon as I got into Fiverr I realized it was all people wanting Ferraris for $5. I tried another platform where I had some success but their changes (and in hindsight those in the wider world) meant things were drying up. I think making the mistake to work with a wannabe Rapper who made a review blaming me for his failings didn’t help either as the first feedback people see is backhanded and derogatory - but in that place, I cannot answer his slander.

So I came back to try Fiverr again as well thinking the: here’s my Gig, hire me or not would be saner than chasing jobs that were increasingly impossible to deliver for expectation and or coin (total lack thereof). I landed BR. Mostly for a pittance in the logic that those 9 x 5-Star reviews would put in the game. Pah! The only people who contact me are resellers trying to do copies of my gig for a fraction of my (already silly) pricing only with me doing their work for a fraction of their price!

I am in another place too and chance had me answer a Lyric Making job for a God Rocker. I priced too low for what I end up doing but he is such a wonderful customer who really understands the value I add to his music. I wish I could photocopy him.

As to why Freelancing might be vital for me other than this being what I was trained for and my passion, I am 50 and work has dried up in the ‘normal’ world. Which I was always on the edge of as despite everyone’s diversity blather, being Autistic is not welcome in most places. Even if it makes you better at the job - like being a Mix Engineer :wink:



I joined a book club on FB. On Fridays, up and coming authors could promote their kindle books. One fellow promoted a book I thought sounded interesting, so I asked if I could have a link to where he sold it. Instead, he sent me a link to read it for free if I would write an honest review on Amazon for it.

I read the short book, and it was okay, but there were multiple errors in spelling, grammar, repeated words, and so on. I asked the author if he would like to know about the mistakes I had noticed.

I ended up sending him a list of the issues the book had. He replied that I should be a proofreader on Fiverr. I asked what that was, and he explained.

I asked him why he had not hired a proofreader on Fiverr for his book. His answer was, “Sadly, I did.” :rofl:

That made me think, “Heck ya, I can do this.”

And nearing four years later, here I am, living the Fiverr freelancer life! :blush:


I signed up, for some reason, in mid-2019. My browser’s history doesn’t go back as far as that long ago to help me remember more clearly why I did that, sadly.

I logged in this summer to see if I could get stuff done, I perused some gigs to see what was in demand and I went ahead because I probably thought I could do it. Surprisingly, I was right!


I joined 8 months ago, I was student in video/audio production, then covid arrived, school has closed, I was bored, so instead of playing video games as my comrades during boring courses through discord, I wrote “freelancing website” on google and found fiverr, then watched videos on youtube about fiverr, noticed it was very popular, created an account, and there I am.
Business seems to grow, slowly, but it does, I was also working for popular streamers before I join, but I’m glad because I have my regulars on fiverr and I have gained massive experience here and my CV is big now.


I was reading an eBook about writing eBooks. The author recommended a certain Fiverr seller who made great covers. I signed up in December 2016 as a buyer to buy a cover. I fell in love with buying here, and I ordered for thousands of dollars in the next year until I decided to become a seller in May 2018.


I always wanted to earn on my own so I often searched for websites. I already knew about Fiverr but didn’t make any gig.
Then, one day my dad asked me to copy our old family videos from CD Drive and cut short clips from it and then convert them into MP4 because his TV only supported MP4 files. I cut dozens of clips that day and then also converted them. I got really irritated but then I thought why am I doing all this for free when I can actually sell this service? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I stood up the whole night and researched about Fiverr, gigs, gigs description and made a gig about cutting or converting video files.
I saw a buyer request which was for editing a youtube video. As I used to edit for my dad’s Youtube channel when I was 7 so I decided to send a buyer request. Surprisingly, it got accepted and I made a video. The buyer left me a tip and 5-star review.
Then, I decided to polish my video editing skills and watched a lot of lectures, practised them. Then made another gig for youtube video editing and that is my best selling gig now. The cutting or converting files gig is also there, as it has some reviews.
Thanks for reading. In short, all credit goes to my dad. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Similar for me. I think it was because Fiverr was recommended in a paperback book on publishing books and I also signed up in Dec 2016 and that was the first thing I bought. Though I created my first gigs in Jan 2017 for whiteboard/explainer things since they seemed popular at the time.


Back in 2017 a friend recommended this platform because he knew I could use some extra money and he also thought I should give myself a chance to prove my skills. Back then I had a total different job and I was pushing my hobbies and passions apart.
I agreed and signed up - without building up my profile. I opened 2 gigs and left.
In 2019 I surprisingly received an email from Fiverr stating I had an active order. Tha was the beginning of my freelancer career. I spent more time trying to enhance my gigs, I’ve been in touch with bad advice from YouTube and golden advice in the Forum.
Basically, I landed here because I needed some fresh air in my life (and spare money). Even if I don’t earn much here, I have business on other platforms and I’m happier than ever.


I joined fiverr through a friend this month {but heard about it since 2020} …I was very frustrated working as a maid and I was praying to God that he provide a more and well paying job that I can do and luckily I talked to a friend on Facebook about it…he then introduced fiverr to me, I said I had no skill he said I should just type fiverr on my chrome browser that I would get to know it little by little which I did and made research for two weeks and Finally I found out the service I can render proficiently and now I think I’m the best at what I do { Web Traffic].


Lost my engineering job during lockdown situation in India. Found a earning revealing video on Youtube. That’s changed my life.


Honestly at first I was bored - I was home for the first time in half a year and had no jobs lined up so tried. Failed miserably (both because of my pricing and because I wasn’t all that good at being professional just yet). I did get a couple orders while I was working abroad / travelling the next few years but continued to just take them when I had some extra time.
COVID happened, had to come home (it’s not worth it to be abroad when you can’t leave the house, is it?) I changed up my gigs and…yeah. Still learning, still messing up once in a while but I’ve definitely gotten better since now I know what I’m decent at :smiley: (…I do hope to go back abroad once this mess is over though!)


I came because of my class teacher he said that he is doing graphic designing in Fiverr and I was curious and I came and tried to do graphic designing by watching YouTube videos and it took almost 4 months to get a order and got 5 star rating and I said to the buyer after you placed the order I will deliver it within 6 hours and I did it little by I know now I have completed more than 950+ orders :cowboy_hat_face:

Bottom line is when we first starting off we don’t know the protentional that we have and what we can do I think Fiverr is good place to sellers like us to grow learn adapt overcome negativity and many more and It’s a good place to earn money if your exchange rate is much higher and it’s depend on your country.


I’ll try to keep it short.

In June of '18 I was working at a well-known pizza-chain, when I had a slip-and-fall while on delivery down half a flight of stairs. The particular branch I worked at was… not friendly. Before the accident I was tolerating it, in hopes I could transfer to a better and closer store, but after, it became bad enough (since I couldn’t work at full capacity, but they had to keep me on payroll) that I decided to leave.

Around that time, my elder sister was pregnant with their 3rd, but was having some minor complications. Keeping that part of the story short, I mini-moved (bare essentials) in with them in Sept. to help out a bit, which also greatly helped me out too.

At some point I found this: 32 Ways to Make Extra Money | When I first read this and considered the options, I picked number 10 to try, since I am a hobbyist photographer, but I did note number 6.

Fast forward: 6 months, a slowly improving injury, and a few temporary jobs later, and the household was +1 and it was time for me to move on. Among my options was a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend of 6 years and the need to either get to know each other better or to let the relationship go. After a LOT of consideration and input from others, I moved in April '19 three timezones across the country to where I am now.

I started looking for jobs, even before I moved, but none of them panned out. The area is a primarily tourism and military, which means the majority of frequently available jobs are labor intense, and I still was not able to do heavy work for hours straight for days on end without either a lot of pain or meds, both of which are dings for hiring.

Then I came across that article again. Remember number 6? I hadn’t seriously considered it before, because I didn’t have the tools or other resources while I’d been at my sister’s place, plus there were two toddlers. While I still had left most of my things in storage for this move, this time I did have all my art-stuff. Lastly, this time I actually looked into what was offered for art already, and, while I’m not an amazing artist, I am good enough to compete.

So, I signed up in Oct '19. After that, I discovered there was a LOT more services and categories than just art, and expanded my offerings.

tldr: Fiverr was listed in a blog on earning a bit of extra money on the side


I found Fiverr because I am trying to find ways to earn money part-time; my parents are likely not going to fund my college tuition and rent when I leave home. We don’t see eye to eye on a few issues, and they will likely put me in a situation where I have to either stop receiving funding or agree with their worldview. Although I have some money from a job, I had to leave it because my father has heart issues and could become seriously ill from Covid-19.
Since I am passionate about writing and research, I decided to use my skills here after finding Fiverr from a Google search.


I came to know Fiverr last year in September. When Italy was hit by the pandemic, many of my friends lost their job, many of my colleagues were fired. Thank God I’m still employed and have a full time job, but at that time I wanted to feel “more secure” and have a PLAN B, just in case, you never know! Actually, even before the pandemic, I’ve always wanted an extra job but never found it. I wonder why I didn’t find Fiverr before, it would have been so great :frowning: BUT, better late than never!

I was searching for ways to earn money online and tried almost ALL of them. One of these was Fiverr - the only freelancing platform I tried and actually earned money from.

So yea, it was the fear of uncertainty and the longing to feel more financially secure that brought me here, and I’ll be forever thankful for that.


A long, long time ago, I had created a category on a site called, “Just Answer” for psychics/astrology and tarot. Was doing a lot of work there - but, one day, the site decided to eliminate the astrology and psychic category and just have tarot readings - (weird!) So, business there pretty much dried up, and I was searching on how to become an affiliate for Just Answer to make money off their site that way. Oddly enough, I came across a blog that was talking about different sites you could earn money from your skills on - Just Answer was one, but, waaaaaay down at the bottom was Fiverr (they were still pretty new at that time). I thought, “what the heck is this?” Went to the site and thought, “this looks fun, I will give it a go”. Needless to say, I never did finish looking into promoting Just Answer and being an affiliate for them. That was back in early 2013.

I remember the hottest selling Gigs then were goofy ones - I think there was some guy who juggled chain saws or something? Spelling out a message with alphabet soup or pretending to be someone’s girlfriend on FB. Another one that was really popular and I am not sure she is still here, but, she would trace your family tree (do the research for you). Another was someone who was making a 3 freshwater pearl ring. They always had a ton of orders in their queue. Not sure if they are here still either. I think when I joined long ago, Fiverr was much more of a “fun” site - as far as what was hot then. Seems as though now it has more of a professional vibe to it as far as what is offered. I think some of the silly Gigs like “I will paint your logo on my body and stand in public” or hold a sign with your business name etc - got removed as they didn’t “meet quality standards” of the site anymore. I think Fiverr was trying to distance themselves from the more goofy things about 3 or 4 years ago. I remember some really popular sellers coming to the forum complaining that their Gigs were removed because they no longer met the standards of the site.



You know, I remember some “out there” Gigs from when I first joined as well.

I was wondering about what happened to those but you are right…Fiverr has moved away from that sort of thing to more “professional” Gigs.

I remember I hired a singer to perform an anniversary song for my business. She did it with a ukulele, wore a short black dress on a set she put together (couch and flashing lights) and produced it all in a video and added a short message about my business and included my logo as the closer.

I think it cost me $25.

It was incredible, to be honest with you but you could barely understand the message at the end as her English needed some work.

I used it anyway on my website as I was so impressed with the effort she put into it and the added touches I never requested.

Those were fun Gigs.