What buyers are more attracted to?


Hello Experts! We are a well experienced team in our respective fields but we are newbies here. As every person has different choices but according to your experience what buyers are more attracted to when it comes to buying on Fiverr? Is it price, experience, attractive descriptions or something else?


Length of time on fiverr, number of reviews, having very few bad reviews.


Being able to successfully complete the gig that you’re offering.


Thank you Misscrystel. If so, what about newbies?! It seems to me that they should wait for “Good Luck”! what else they can do to attract the buyers?


Thank you offlinehelper! but i wonder how a new seller can successfully complete project/order unless s/he has received some order?


You’re going back to chicken ==> egg ==> chicken again!

Have a look around the forum and have a look at the info given by many users which will help you - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d check the gig descriptions for any grammar issues. Maybe show short examples of your work - maybe in a video/images (eg. examples of text translations from and to the languages you translate)…


Thank you. That means quality of work matters when it comes to buying, no matter seller has completed any projects previously, am i right?


You are right. this is the situation you indicated.


I think the buyer has to be confident (or as confident as possible) the seller can do the work to the standard they want before they order, at a price that is acceptable to them. Past reviews and rating, delivery samples or work samples, as well as how well the gig description is written can help give the buyer confidence the seller can do the work to their required standard. What the gig description actually says will also have an effect on whether they buy.

You could also use the buyer request section to send offers to relevant requests.


This is a question you should tackle before starting. We all were new sellers at some point.
If you would start a brick and mortar business in real life you would also think about all this before hiring a place etc.


I observed that there are only unsolicited offers by the sellers in “buyer requests” section. doesnt it Affect seller`s credibility?


You are new and understandably have many questions. If you use the search bar at the top and type in your questions you will find many forum posts that will give you the answers you require. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Obviously don’t send “advert”/promotional requests in the buyer requests section. That would be against the rules and will likely get the sellers’ accounts in trouble.

In my Buyer Requests there are many valid requests (as well as some seller ads). So if you see relevant, valid buyer requests (not seller ads), you can send offers to them. If you don’t see any relevant requests, you could create more gigs, in more categories, and get a bigger choice of requests to send offers to.


Thank you Mariokluser. I know business needs patience, hard work and knowledge what i am doing here. I think this is better approach to understand Fiverr rather than visiting pages over pages. senior friends like you are great source.


Thank you lloydsolutions. sure! i already mentioned that reading, writing and understanding comments is better source to understand feverr than visiting all pages of on fiverr.


I’m not really a great source. I use Fiverr only for a fraction of my actual business.
Maybe it gets better once they weed the phony’s out, what is very likely to happen.


That is a really good idea!


Not to talk of receiving orders but understanding Fiverr is a big task in itself. you are senior to me here. sincerely speaking, i have understood many things from you people that would have been difficult had i read the Fiverr-generated descriptions.


It’s a good sign that you actually read it. Most people who drop questions here don’t want answers. Especially not if they are inconvenient and collide with the fary tale that all they have to do is creating a gig and the money will pour in no matter what.