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What Buyers Shouldn't Do (My Perspective)

When it comes to buyers, most of the ones I meet are very nice. However, you get some that are very demanding from the start and demand the world. If you send me a message that demands more from me and is strict from the get-go, you can be sure you already lost my help on the project.

I absolutely do not tolerate prospective clients who “demand” and want to pay me a pittance. I understand you have rules, but come on, this should not be your lead-in in the message.

It’s only off-putting.

Rant over!


Answer politely with “The package you bought includes only _____ and does not include ____” or just tell them that you are probably not the right person for the job and let them go away.

Unless you’re really desperate for the money, it’s better not to mess with those people because no matter what you do for them, they are likely to be unsatisfied, and you don’t need bad ratings.


Not even remotely desperate. I informed them I don’t do research articles (which I do offer on a case-by-case basis if asked). However, the cost is much more than $15, especially for 1,000 words. And, on the topic this buyer was going for, I’d be researching forever and a day. Didn’t hear anything back but went ahead and blocked them.


I suspect that some Buyers figure that everyone who sells on Fiverr is desperate for work and will bend over backwards for a job.

Sadly, there are Sellers here who fit that description which only causes this type of Buyer to think that is the norm.

Until Fiverr changes (raises the bar on who can or can’t sell here) it won’t change.

Just my two cents.


Sadly too many people have never learned Theory Of Mind which is where a person learns that other people are not an extension of themselves.

Other people think & feel in essentially the same ways that I do. There are differences because they are them and me is me. Some like crunchy peanut butter, some like smooth. Crunchy people will do things for crunchy but not for smooth and vice versa. they will do things for their reasons, not because I direct them.

If people fail to make that core understanding, they tend to treat everyone around them like peons in one of those world building games where they don’t really exist until you click on them and give them direction. They exist only for your direction and have no motivation or reasoning of their own.

Essentially we are all individuals therefore other people are not cardboard cutouts or actors in my drama. They need to have their own needs met or they won’t engage in my thing - our thing.



Hello, @emeraldawnn! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Long time no see!

That is my experience.

I lay the ground rule right away with this type. If they have already ordered, I cancel.

Yes, and sadly many of them are and do bend over backward. I think it may be because of their financial situation.

@benedictrm I am still trying to get used to your new profile image. I kind of miss your face!

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Yup, :100: agree. I pull the “I don’t think I’m the right person for this job, but I appreciate your interest, and best of luck!” at least 3x a day. A lot of these “buyers” are casting a wide net and hoping to reel in pro-level results at wouldn’t-even-buy-lunch prices by spamming every seller online.

Sorry, guys. Not this gal!

ETA: And what’s with the entitlement these folks always walk into my DMs with?? It’s mind-blowing, honestly and more than a little insulting. They always start in on the little “if you’re good maybe I’ll hire you” routine and my eyes roll so fast I risk tearing my retinas again. Like… gestures emphatically at 500+ 5-star reviews …hello??


Awwww :blush:

Yeah me too but it seemed that this was a thing to try. Interestingly since doing so, people around me seem more focused on what I do. I have landed one Mix for sure, got a promise on another, and was about to swerve a third but my honesty did the job for me (Rappers ≠ Honesty).


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