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What camera to use?


Have anyone purchased special video camera for fiverr gigs? Please give me advice which camera should i use!!! Thanks!


A good mid-priced camera for both video and stills would be a Canon EOS Rebel T3 or EOS Rebel T3i. If you are going to use this for your testimonial videos you may want to pick up a decent microphone to get better audio as well as a nice soft box for more attractive lighting.



And for video? (Sorry i didnt mention it i will edit the post)


It’s a 18 Megapixel Digital SLR still camera but it also shoots Full 1920x1080 High Definition video. It does both.


(( Ooo its too bad my canon rebel t1i doesnt shoot the video!!! But thank u now i know what to look for! (not lower than 1920x1080)


The upside is that your older T1i lenses may work fine on the newer cameras.

And don’t be fooled by low end cameras that promote they shoot 1920x1080. My iPhone shoots HD and I wouldn’t suggest it for anything more than "selfies"

If you need any other advice please let me know. :smiley:


yup many brandless HD cameras on ebay))) Thanks you are mr Nice :)>-


Reply to @anigrams: @tatianacity +1 for the EOS, (my friend has 1) but I just use my smartphone and a homemade tripod!