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What can a buyer do when a seller wants to cancel due to a fiverr rating policy she disagrees with?

I ordered a press release gig June 18th and due to be delivered tomorrow the 30th. The seller sends me a message “Due to the recent and effective change with the new “Advanced Rating System” I am cancelling all orders at this time. I do not feel comfortable delivering orders with the fear of anything less than a 5-star rating” etc… Now I understand the frustration of a seller as I am one as well, but to cancel an order after waiting almost 2 weeks and then tells me she will not deliver because she disagrees with policy change. I suspect time ran out and she is using this as a premise to cancel. I am beside myself this person feels the new policy doesn’t protect her from buyers but then goes on and refuses to complete orders placed before hand is wrong. Why not halt new orders and finish the orders you have already? This just displays the same type of bad behavior she complains about from buyers and goes on to show the same unprofessional behavior as a seller. I would like to know what recourse do I have as a buyer? I don’t want my money back I want the product I paid for and since I am on a deadline and launching a company July 4th I am counting on the release to generate more interest locally…

If the seller was guaranteed a recourse if buyers abused the rating system, I’m sure she would feel differently. Her actions is based on Fiverr not acknowledging this one sided system that has been going on for months – ARS was the straw that broke the camels back. No warning, seller’s woke up to a new way to be rated without regard to how sellers felt about it and how it would effect them as sellers. So how you feel about her cancelling is how the seller feels about Fiverr suddenly changing the rating policy without regard to how it would effect them.

As is, there is no way for a seller to check if buyers are abusing the rating system. Make the playing field even where seller’s ratings of buyers showed in a buyers profile like buyers ratings show in seller’s profiles, than we can service our clients honestly without being concerned about buyer abuse.

Under ARS, the game has changed and many sellers need a break to reassess how to perform under a different set of rules created by Fiverr’s UNEXPECTED changes. You should be yelling at Fiverr saying, "hey your timing for changing the way sellers are rated was not the right time"

But Fiverr did what they did and consequently sellers now have to do what they think is best while they assess what these changes may mean as a Fiverr seller. We hope Fiverr acknowledges the fallacies of ARS but if not, some sellers next move may be to leave fiverr all together.

So what can you do, you ask? I’m sure when the seller woke up to an UNEXPECTED new rating system without regard to how it would effect her as a seller, she asked the same question of fiverr.

I understand how frustrating that is and appreciate your position but it’s hard not to be sympathetic to the seller. The system is unfair and the sellers need to take a stand sometime. Unfortunately you’ve been caught in the middle. I’m sure she didn’t do this just because she was running out of time. It’s not an excuse, but a reason. The stress over this system makes completing orders hell, creating a bad experience for both the buyers and sellers.

There are good sellers on here being abused and blackmailed with no recourse. You may not be that type of buyer, but why would the seller want to take that chance or why should they have to? Again, I understand and appreciate your position, but if you want good sellers to be able to offer their services you should contact Fiverr, voice your frustration, for it is fiverr that has caused this problem, not the seller.

My fervent hope is that any member who both buys and sells on Fiverr would be especially understanding of the other person’s situation, but I know from my own experience that this isn’t always the case. I have the sometimes unfortunate tendency to accept what people say at face value, accept what they say as true. And as some people have gently reminded me, I’m only hearing one side of this story here, and have reconsidered what I previously wrote.

There’s a very good reason the forum rules do not allow posters to “call out” anyone by name, no matter what the claimed grievance. It’s because we can’t truly form an opinion without knowing all the facts, untainted by words written in anger or righteous indignation. And for that reason, I’ve deleted my previous words, leaving this reminder to anyone else who reads this thread not to rush to judgment.

Reply to @celticmoon: True, two wrongs don’t make a right and all. I would be disappointed if someone did that to me and I couldn’t imagine cancelling on my buyers who I have already made a commitment to. Wish we could hear both sides, never seem to get to though.

Reply to @accessgirl: Oh, absolutely. We’re only hearing one side here. I want to believe that this buyer wouldn’t be abusive since he should understand how much damage a poor review does. He feels angry with this transaction, and that can affect how clearly or fairly he’s considering the seller’s actions.

Reply to @celticmoon: It’s a mess on both sides. The rules have been changed and the agreement may have been made on the premise of thumbs up ratings and not the star system. That is an unexpected thing, for both buyers and sellers. I couldn’t imagine having 20+ orders in queue and then finding out I would be scrutinized by a new, unfair system. I’m lucky (maybe unlucky) enough to not have had a queue like that when it switched (or ever). I can’t say I wouldn’t of done the same thing if I were in her shoes. Again, though, the buyer gets caught in the crossfire and that’s unfair, but I can’t say I blame the seller.

Reply to @accessgirl: Maybe now all transactions are being reviewed with the stars, but all my orders in the past two weeks have been mixed: some thumbs, some stars. Mostly what I’ve noticed is that I’ve had a dramatic drop in the percent of orders being reviewed at all, from about 80% to maybe 10%. However most of those buyers who didn’t leave a review DID send me messages to say they were very happy with the work! So I sort of assumed they had been presented with the stars system but didn’t want to bother with the extra work. But of course, I don’t know for sure.

Another thing you can do is contact CS and let them know you oppose the ARS because it’s hurt you as a buyer.

Reply to @celticmoon: Seller- Due to the recent and effective change with the new “Advanced Rating System” I am cancelling all orders at this time. I do not feel comfortable delivering orders with the fear of anything less than a 5-star rating for delivering works as advertised in the estimated time or be forced work for free. The stress, fear and future drop in sales resulting from a 4-1 star review is not worth $4. (Fiverr takes 20% all of sales commissions.)

Many buyers do not understand they are not the only buyers, sellers deliver work with on a daily basis and orders are completed in the order they are received. Sellers are people, not robots. Sellers have jobs, families, and lives - which means they at times are available for immediate response for messaging, or communication. This should not be a factor in the review process.

These new reviews are not only subjective, but will hurt my sales, and other Seller here immediately without just cause. Regrettably, I am cancelling all orders till the old rating system is reinstated. Thank you for understanding. I encourage you to visit where you will see I am not the only seller who is doing so.

Buyer- I am sorry you do not agree with the new rating terms, but I have been waiting almost 2 weeks now and the day before delivery you send this. I am sorry but I would really appreciate it if you can finish my order. I am on a time line just like you and have obligations as well. I suggest you put any future orders on hold and fulfill orders that have been booked before the change. That would be the professional course to take. I hope your and other fiverr sellers concerns are addressed… Please let me know asap whether this is course of action is agreeable. I am launching on July 4th…

Seller- cancel cancel cancel,

Buyer- sorry I will not because you never had the professional courtesy to contact me before hand, I have waited 2 weeks

You decide

Reply to @takinthelead: don’t care much for fiverr or any of you Sheriff’s Note, using swears to name call isn’t welcome here any longer

accessgirl said: The rules have been changed and the agreement may have been made on the premise of thumbs up ratings and not the star system. That is an unexpected thing, for both buyers and sellers. I couldn't imagine having 20+ orders in queue and then finding out I would be scrutinized by a new, unfair system

Exactly, the conditions at the time of the order were material to the offer that allowed the order to be entered.

Would it have been nice if the person was faster?

Sure...however, the time allowed was agreed to at the point of ordering. Chances are high there was a chance to pay for Extra Fast Delivery.

The big point is ...these problems will soon pass.

Hopefully because the ARS is recanted. But even if it sticks around longer than any reasonable person wishes it least in 29 days it will be past any and all open orders.

I am one of the most vehement opponents of the ARS and I proudly participated in and defended the July 1st Vacation Day Protest. That being stated, I have to declare that I can’t support the seller’s actions. @takinthelead did not implement this horrible system and should not have been put in the position he or she was put in by the seller. I understand the seller’s unease - heck, I even SHARE it - but I find this behavior not only unprofessional but also misdirected.


Having been enlightened privately about the unseemly behavior of certain individuals, I’m compelled to amend my previous comment. Such conduct here is probably indicative of other problematic buyer behavior during the transaction that may have prompted the seller in question to resort to a cancelation. If that were the case, the seller’s actions are more than justified and should be celebrated.

The principle I was advancing, however, still applies in a general/hypothetical case (in which no abuse by the buyer is evident and the buyer is not a bedwetting guttersnipe). By that I mean that it is, in my opinion, unprofessional for a seller to cancel on a buyer when Fiverr itself is the one at fault. Further, it makes much more sense for the seller to direct his or her ire at Fiverr rather than a paying customer, especially if one of the seller’s cited motives is the loss of business that the ARS could cause. By canceling the order, such a seller is directly CAUSING the very loss of business he or she fears, yes? While I enthusiastically took part in the protest, I nevertheless made sure that I had all of my orders filled and deadlines met before I turned on my vacation mode. It was Fiverr I was mad at, not the good buyers who pay me to do what I do. I still need to maintain professionalism, even when Fiverr breaks my tender little heart into a million tiny pieces with their oogie, icky stars system.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Sheriff’s note: this kind of language is not allowed on this forum. Please stop or forum admin should take other actions.

Just to be clear: I’m not @anarchofighter

Well said and that was all I was asking for was for a show of professionalism. Either way Fiverr cancelled the order because I wouldn’t and never penalized her for such bad behavior. Now I am being attacked in the forums for voicing my opinion and for not saying something nice about the policy. Someone actually lashed out because I didn’t say what I liked about the new system when asked what are your feelings about the new system. I think I will continue to shop local and call it a day. To much gang related violence on this site for my taste…

Reply to @anarchofighter: This is exactly my point moderators stick their 2 cents in and then make it seem as though it was the buyers fault for not ordering more gigs to pay for extra fast delivery.

"Sure…however, the time allowed was agreed to at the point of ordering. Chances are high there was a chance to pay for Extra Fast Delivery."

Listen when you start making my money you can start spending it.

You are not fit to moderate objectively…

Reply to @takinthelead:

As a seller I am making your money.


Reply to @takinthelead:

You know, anyone who has to say they’re being “attacked” on the forum most likely isn’t.

The correlation is that those who think they’re attacked often go on the attack either overtly or covertly.

And I’ve seen you attack people. I’ve even had to moderate some of it

takinthelead said: To much gang related violence on this site for my taste

Funny, considering you're the one making sexist and racist comments in the other thread and your profile description.

Reply to @madmoo: I’m glad to see you’re a sheriff again. Since you didn’t read the other thread I’d just like to say that the user who started this thread was being sexist towards @alliemadison12 and racist towards myself. It was very extreme and several slurs were thrown at both of us. The only provocation being that we disagreed with his position and assumptions. If you look at his fiverr profile, the current “about me” is a snarky and distasteful jab at @alliemadison12 and myself.

I flagged a couple of his posts in the other thread. Rather than removing his offending comments, the entire thread was removed. As he posted over a dozen offending messages I can understand why. However I’m disappointed to see that such extreme behavior did not get him banned from posting his hate elsewhere on the forums. I won’t get into it with him again, but thought you should be aware.