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What can be adjusted in a gig's content in the future?

hi guys, Happy New Year to everyone :slight_smile:

I am new to fiverr (used if a few times as a seller) and managed to create my first 3 gigs - do check them out ;), they are quite unique!

My questions are:

  1. what can be changed in a gig in terms of description, pricing, FAQ etc? I could not find full reliable info about it. Because I a new to fiverr micro jobs in general, experimenting with some things, however might want to add or adjust something later.

  2. why I can’t find my own gigs when using some keywords in the search window?

thanks in advance!


  1. You can change description, pricing and FAQs at any time.

  2. Your gig may not have gone live yet. Are you getting any impressions?


can I change any picture of my gig?

Yep. Just click the edit feature on the Gigs page.


ok thank you! 2 gigs seemed to be live, but one was pending as I had a link, had to take it out. yes, the theere are some impressions on the 2 visible gigs, one had more than others but it was posted earlier.

I noticed in another person’s gig (when I bought it) that in the extras he was offering a report for 2016, and he said that he can’t change that description. is that because in the past people could not do it? or after a certain amount of time people can’t change their gigs anymore? I wonder if it matters what level of seller you have and in general if there were any orders already on that gig?

Maybe he just didn’t know how?

We sellers have always been allowed to edit our gigs and gig extras.

If you go Selling > Gigs > Edit (under the arrow on the right side of the screen) you’ll see you can change pretty much everything.

ok thank you! good if it is like that. (sorry I did not see the answer :slight_smile: