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What Can Fiverr Do To Stop Sellers From Misusing The Buyers Request Section?


Nowadays, The buyers request section has become a very important way through which new sellers can get Sales. When the buyers request section was first introduced, it was a very effective way for sellers to make their claim on why they were better suited to do a job for a buyer. I myself has benefited a lot from using the “Buyers Request” Section. The “Buyers Request” section was highly welcomed by the fiverr community but when fiverr was introducing this section, they did not take into consideration the short coming of this section ( Buyers Request).

My reason for saying so is because, the “Buyers Request” Section has become a place for “Desperate sellers” to beg for Jobs from Buyers that can’t even access this page because buyers don’t have the “Buyers Request” Page on their dashboard since they don’t have gigs. For the past 3 days (since coming back from a two weeks vacation) I have visited the “Buyers Request” Page several times and during each visit, I noticed that out of about 200 request on this page, about 150 came from sellers. So I am now wondering if the buyers request sections is now a “Sellers Request” page or a “Buyers Request” page. What disturbs me more is what Fiverr is doing to solve this problem.

I have Submitted about 3 request to the “Buyers Request” page for some content writing jobs and each time I summit the request, it is held for reviews before being approve by a fiverr team. So what i don’t understand is what fiverr is reviewing. I think that if fiverr was actually reviewing the request, they will have noticed and delete request such as
"I can design creative logo for u and will meet your requirements. Budget and requirements are negotiable. I am looking forqward to hear from your side. Thank You" ,“eikhwan I can do any type if logo and desidn”,“tauqeer12 Hello I am a logo designer and i can make stylish and attractive logos for your company and organization.Please contact me if you need any type of logo.I will take of it.” and much more.

Please follow this link to vote and don’t forget to comment below.

I wanna assume that fiverr has ran out of idea on what to do with regards to this page (Buyer Request page) to stop such misuse of the buyers request page. My opinion on what fiverr can do is that, they can suspend the sellers misusing this section or the “Submit A Request” Section should be Removed from Sellers Sections. I will like each and every one to give me his or her own experience and suggestion on what fiverr can do to stop sellers from spamming the buyers request page.



Poll - Report-Button for 'Buyers Request'


Thanks for this link. I will add this link to the article so others can vote. I just did.



What Can Fiverr Do To Stop Sellers From Misusing The Buyers Request Section?


I’ve suggested and submitted a sheet with 10 different methods of medieval torture for those sellers who post in Buyers Request… until now I had no answer from CS though… strange :unamused:


I wanna assume fiverr is working on it. Please if you haven’t voted, just follow this link Poll - Report-Button for 'Buyers Request’


I tried posting my own ‘Request’ this morning, which was just me promoting my services. I wanted to know what the process was. I was a little surprised to see that I was told it was ‘under review’ because the dross that makes it onto Buyers Requests obviously hasn’t been reviewed. I was then shocked to be told that it was declined because it wasn’t in line with fiverr’s policies. I’m at least a little confused!


Are you a buyer or a seller?
What was the request all about?


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