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What can I add to improve my gig?


Hello all

I just made my first gig:

What do you think can be added to improve it?



Share your GIG on socail media.
Use Buyer Request.
Join Fiverr Forum and use daily basis.


I think you gig description is too short, try to make it little longer. send 10 buyer requests daily


Okay, thanks all! How do I send buyer requests? :slight_smile:


Try to add a gig related video.


I don’t know how to add a video for a website making gig :confused:


share your gig in social media and must follow it’s make a nice and easily readeable?


There are lots of people on Fiverr who offer explainer video services at affordable prices. There are also lots of free resources on the web.


Your gig is unique :wink: I like it :smiley:


I am really glad you do! :slightly_smiling_face:


Show more samples of your work…if you can add a video that would help too…best of luck!


Okay, will do!

I’ll make a few more variants and add them.


I’ve added another sample. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you look under “Selling” at the top of the home page you will see “Buyer Requests”. Also read the for lots of useful information.


Okay, thank you very much!


Hope if you can share and discuss with to every body. Then must imporve