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What can i do about people who resell my services for higher fee? [ARCHIVED]

Hey, as you know there are a lot of people who use our cheap services to sell for larger fees and enjoy the price difference, for example, The reseller offers to translate 1,500 words from Hebrew to English for about $30 and orders my gig, where i get only $15 for the same service, and takes $15 with basically doing nothing.

Someone even purchased my translation gig and made me translate 2,000 words about how it gets done!! (An article about how to resell internet services and earn the price difference)

I also just received an order for my graphics gig with a person asking me to make a Bar-Mitzvah invitation, and all he gave me was the name of the kid and colors he wants to be in the invitation! Seriously don’t you think you missed some stuff like date/place of the occasion/some other text?!

I have no problem doing it but it’s Really wasting my time, since an indirect connection with the customer himself makes me do the same job for over 10 times, since the reseller can’t really tell me what he wants me to do…

What would you do with people like these?

Wait, Am I understanding this right?

No one is bothered that other people are making profit off your

work and not crediting you in any way?

: /

You can’t. It doesn’t matter what service you offer or how much you offer it for, there will always be people out there that are going to be reselling for a far higher fee. Remember, that person is going to need to invest in marketing the service too (something which you don’t need to be doing!) which is going to cut back into his profits.


Other people resell me, to be honest I was kinda annoyed at first. But good luck trying to police it. I just let the orders flow now and don’t sweat it.

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You can’t do or expect anything against re-sellers, and honestly you should not look negatively because they help boost your sales.

Buyers that don’t provide you with enough information obviously don’t value the kind of details you refer too - so my advice: just give them what they ordered. Also keep in mind that the person actually may add the date and place themselves but did not want to share that kind of information.

Good luck!


People resell my crochet works all the time. I look at it as I’m the wholesaler, they’re the retailer and I’ve made that choice to be such. /shrug If I get the connections going to sell my work for higher prices I’ll do that. But for now, I get great exposure here.


nothing. absolutely nothing. if people can make more of your Fiverr they’ll make more.

Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: perfectly right…love the spongebob

If a buyer can make money off your gig then it’s no soup for you.

Most of my regular customers are resellers…they are my bread and butter so I don’t mind at all.

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The majority of my customers and clients resell my works on. It’s just the way of business. No matter how much you sell your services for, there is likely someone selling it for more and using you to do all the work for them. That’s their business and yours is yours. I’ve always said that the only way to stop someone reselling something is by not selling a service at all.


I really have no problem with the Price, it was my choice to sell product X for Y dollars,

My problem is that selling to resellers ofter result a long encumbered selling process, where he is not sure what “he” wants the result to look like, which is very important in some of the gigs I’m selling like Video and Graphics, less in Translation.

This gave me a unique idea to give to sellers as well as make a profit. On my website i offer design and writing services. I offer the same thing on Fiverr. I mention under my prices that if a buyer wants a unique service i don’t provide like testimonials, animation, illustration, or voiceovers…etc, I would quote them and find the right person for the job. so say for instance i charged a buyer $50 for a testimonial…i would give the seller $25 and keep $25 as a finders fee. not that bad.

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Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: you are so funny man… I am checking your all comments

Reply to @designotree: I try to be. I’m no Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler, but I’m surely entertaining.

Reply to @bachas85: Well that’s awesome I would definitely be hitting your gigs up if my website ever takes off. You have some nice gigs.

Reply to @bachas85: who knows i may need you for my blog very soon.

A better question is why on earth would this bother you? They are giving you more business!!!

For example outside of fiverr I find clients who want web development services, I charge them around $45 per/hour, I hire developers in India and pay them around $6 per/hour and pocket the difference. Pretty sure my employees are more than happy to be getting the work.

If it bothers you that much, just put no resellers allowed in your gig description. I wouldn’t do this,but your call.

Many months ago I helped a woman start her family tree, she was so impressed with my work that she created a website for genealogy and then contacted me about doing the work. I have absolutely no problem working with her and knowing she sells my product for a higher price for several reasons, she has to pay for hosting and the website, she does all the marketing and leg work. It actually works out for the better for me since I have a day job that keeps me pretty occupied