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What can i do about people who resell my services for higher fee? [ARCHIVED]

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You need to make up for it with gig extras. Offer a very basic $5 service that doesn’t have much resale value. Then offer gig extras that have resale prices in them. That way they can’t flip it.

Let em sell em! let em do what ever they want! as long as they keep ordering more :slight_smile:

Reply to @russflex: Why wouldn’t someone like me want to find someone, outsource my fiverr expertise, and keep any profit. On my new site I offer a concept where if a customer wants a service I can’t provide I will find it. What is wrong with that as long as i’m not ordering a run of the mill $5 order?

Wow-I guess I live under a rock because I didn’t even know people would do this…so for fun-I went searching and guess what I found?! They stole my PICTURE, my DESCRIPTION everything but my name…now if you want to argue it’s just more work for me I guess you can look at it that way, but I don’t appreciate them using my image without consent! Use a stock picture…re write my description…just don’t steal my identity! I’m a little pissed! I joined the site and sent in a request to their customer service as well as a message to the person using my stuff…we will see.

Reply to @ceciwilliams: Ok thats a little different…actually a lot different. That’s down right desperate and despicable. Set yourself up for Google alerts! The services I am referring to are ordering services I don’t provide as a freelancer concierge. I do graphic design and writing services…but I don’t do animation, testimonials, radio commercials, web design, or other specialty services. I do know a lot of sellers here on Fiverr and I write about new gigs all the time on my blog. So ya mine is slightly different. If your gigs or services are being defrauded in anyway get a hold of someone immediately.

How do I set up google alerts? and I did send a message to the other sites customer service…anything else I should do? Thans!

what you should do is report it to the better business bureau or somewhere like that. get that place shut down.

I found 5 different listings with my picture and information on this website! All with different user names…I’m sure it’s the same person though. I still haven’t heard back from their CS even though they said they would take it down…BTW I’ve seen MANY voice talents from Fiverr on there people…you might want to check.

musiclover said: Nakita (The Unofficial Moderator)
lol :))

Reselling is a more profitable business than selling gigs here on fiverr, at least according to me. Figure this, a service like web or logo design can sell for more than 100$ yet on fiverr it sells for only 5 bucks. As long as you have the market, the sky is the limit.

Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: The green man, is he from the hilarious movie ‘The Mask’?

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Reply to @gudwriter: Yes, the green man gif is a clip from “the mask” and yes if you’re good at freelancing or finding discount gigs you can actually make a living off it. people order gigs off me and resell them. I plan on selling services on my freelance website and ordering from Fiverr to complete the tasks. Just need to have my site properly SEO’d and backlinked.

It definitely irritates us to know they make more profit, which is why I charge customers at the rate im comfortable at. They know my work is good, so I don’t think price should be an issue. Quality wins after all and I don’t wanna work for someone who is obviously going to gain more through my by giving in to their request to do job for peanuts

argamanza , You know how I deal with those people? I ask them to cancel if I can’t get solid simple direction in one or 2 messages. There are plenty of people who dont give me any information to go by on a video testimonial and even video commercial. Its like they cant read or don’t feel like it… Makes my job harder. And to boot , if they order the wrong gig from you and you have a problem with the order they can cancel and leave you a bad rating. Customer service wont do diddly about it. So , I’d seek to find where your guy is re-selling your work. You’ll get disappointed here much more than that. Moreso the harder you try.

Reply to @zarklon: true enough!

bachas85 said: That's right... as long as we get orders... we don't mind.

Yup. And it's work for hire so it's expected of some to resell the work. It happens in the real world and not just on Fiverr!

Sometimes its best to sell low that atracts resellers and keeps your orders flowing and in the end you are making up for all your loss with the shear number of orders.

If you go to the Fiverr Terms of Service (Squeezed Version):

"Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller in the gig description. Fiverr retains the right to use all published delivered works for Fiverr marketing and promotion purposes."

So you can limit that your work cannot be resold, or that it cannot be modified in incorporated into other stuff and resold (very technical wording). You just have to put that in your gig description.

Now enforcing it is another thing. I had one guy who did this and he wasn’t smart enough to rename the file name for the video. I just did a Google search and found where he had resold it to 3 other businesses. That would be worth a $10,000 federal fine per infraction plus Google could delist those businesses through a complaint.

Not necessarily recommending that. It takes a lot more than $5 worth of angst and stress to confront these things when they come up.

Reply to @local_inet_mktr: i think we deal with more stress over here for little money