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What can i do about people who resell my services for higher fee? [ARCHIVED]

i made a reseller pay $15 for a gig (because i told him that i discovered that he’s gonna resell it) and there was no problem

I believe Fiverr should have a system in place where new sellers like myself can be informed about these resellers activity, as I was only made aware that this was possible when I noticed someone commenting on reviews made from sales made on my gig.

Reply to @purpose34: You could always add note in your gig description asking that they inform you if they plan to resell your services.

Out of curiosity, why would you want to be informed? If you don’t mind me asking.

Reply to @accessgirl: Short little update to this. I recently received an order from a buyer who was purchasing for her client. This order was the single largest one I have received in my 2-ish years on fiverr.

We went over the details for 5-6 days, hashing out each and every aspect we could think of. She was incredible, knew her client very well, was able to easily answer questions, very concise with her answers, and understood pretty much everything from the get-go.

This was one of the best experiences I have had with a buyer, let alone one who wasn’t purchasing for themselves. I have to admit that my perspective on working with resellers is good bit brighter because of this experience. I hope in the future I come across other resellers who have such a solid understanding of what their clients need.

Glad I found this forum after Googling, "how to resell Fiverr gigs."

At the moment I am working with clients who need logo and design work and II would love to find a talented Fiverr artist to work with.

I’d like to be able to show the client your work without them circumventing.

One logo seller I noticed has an an extra, “You can provide me a tip.” I’d gladly throw in more after the customer is happy. There’s no reason why reselling Fiverr gigs can’t be a win-win. A talented Fiverr seller could easily double their revenue per gig.

Also looking to resell other premium services. I hope that you’ll "HMU."

By the way, when initiating contact with a seller, I always ask up front if they are willing to do business with a reseller.

chuckdoon said: One logo seller I noticed has an an extra, "You can provide me a tip." I'd gladly throw in more after the customer is happy.
Keep in mind that many Fiverr 'value sellers' (i.e., the cheap ones) offer fraudulent work. This may be a discount service agency, but "getting what you pay for" generally applies here too. Be very careful that any orders you place with the intention of reselling are fully above board - especially with logos or other potential service marks. The last thing you want to do is be defending yourself to a client by explaining that the copied logo you sold to them for full market value is actually a $5 outsource, so its not your fault they're being sued.

As a rule, to get high-quality work here, you'll end up paying close to, if not full market fees anyway, so proceed with caution.

chuckdoon said: By the way, when initiating contact with a seller, I always ask up front if they are willing to do business with a reseller.
This is a good policy for all involved.

Reply to @witchingbrew: When we buy bottled water from Evian, we are buying it from someone that originally paid pennies to the gallon. We don’t seem to be bothered by that. The same as goods from Asia, apples, bananas, etc. Everything in this world is a chain. Imagine a farmer going to a gourmet store in NY and bitching about how come they were selling oranges @ $2/pound when he got paid $0.25/pound. Go ask Apple why they sell the ipod for $600 when the factory got $150 from Apple. I think we should be grateful as without that reseller that particular gig would not be sold, and the end client would not come to us. imagine the following scenario: You are a gig seller that does logos for $5. You have finished 300. You got $1500 in return. Would you think it would be fair for Adobe Illustrator to request a cut of the profit as you got their software for much less?

:)>- As long as are not being resold back on Fiverr!! People can resell my gigs as much as they want as long is done correctly…

I think I’d rather someone approached me with this rather than just pretending to be a regular buyer. For one reason I’d appreciate the honesty, and secondly I’d probably do a better deal if I was going to get regular income via the reseller so it would be in both our interests to be upfront about it. Just my personal preference. Maybe I should put that on my gigs?

All these ppl saying you can’t do anything but you CAN! If these outsourcers/middle-men/scammers contact you first and are stupid enough to mention the word client, then you know what they’re up to, you can phish for information and if you’re lucky enough you can find out who some of their clients are (esp if they’re on Fiverr) and contact them and tell them exactly what these dummies are doing, chances are they will drop these fools and take you on as a client! In fact back to their client base on Fiverr, you can go through all their reviews and contact (if applicable) their buyers and tell them exactly what they’re up to! :slight_smile:

Nothing. When offline, some people also do this thing. That is normal. Like I bought some souvenirs from a vendor in Thailand and I sold them for higher prices to people. Be glad some people buy your gigs. No need to make a fuss about it (unless if they don´t pay you). However, perhaps you can raise your price if you don´t want other people to buy and resell your products (cos that means they will have to resell it more expensive and their buyers will find them too expensive). But if you raise your price, your buyers might find other sellers whose products are cheaper than yours.

My projects are often re-sold, all you have to do is to negociate the price and don’t care about what the seller will do with your work

I think when the resellers stop ordering from the sellers completely then they will see that the issue is a non issue. People pay for marketing and their time to find customers to buy those gigs or services so really if sellers do not want to participate in the free market then the should just stop selling in it. #seriouslyfirst world problem