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What can I do after delivered complete work?

I want to ask u a question. I am a seller but to make a buyer request do I have to log in as a buyer? because every time I post a request they send me this message " your request was declined. Review and modify it."

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As I know no, you can post a request in the “buyers request” section even if you are seller and I did before actually.
I guess you should see if there is anything wrong with the context of your request.

thank u for replying, but I am sure there is nothing wrong, i make my requests simple and as similar as the requests of others

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Hello, you can post on the Buyer Request as a BUYER, I mean, you can’t post there your services/gigs, that place is meant for buyers looking for sellers, maybe you are trying to post your services there and that’s why it gets declined.

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how long money will be there in fiver. means what was the limit of time or during that money is reserved in fiver safely