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What can I do? Because I am confuse


As a web developer, my first duty understands my customer requirements. Everyone knows that Fiverr has only message with rules of no email, no skype, no phone number, no WhatsApp number. So everything is no for personal contact information.

Well, I follow this rules every time. However, what if I need the customer email address to log in his web hosting? What if his phone number that I need to put on his website contact page? What if I need his WhatsApp or Skype ID to show him something that he/she must have to see? What if the customer is not a tech person? What if I send a screenshot and he/she do not understand?

I talk with Fiverr support, and they suggest me to create a gig for Skype conversation, and I did. However, every customer does not have the same mind. Someone wants to buy that Skype Gig and someone not. I have heard from customers that “Are You trying to promote your gig or I am not interested in paying you for that only talk”

Sometimes customer review the gig they share their Skype ID directly, and they do not have any problem before they are using service form Fiverr and they pay for service. However, we (The sellers) are not paying anything for Fiverr? Not it is not right we share 20% on each $100 What about that it is the most significant amount then a customer pay Fiverr.

A couple of hours ago a customer canceled my order to understand her requirements and show her something I asked her Skype address before she buy web hosting from WordPress and that was premium package, and that does not allow to upload themes and plugs, and she does not understand what she has to do and I show her everything throw Skype. Now tell me what the hell I did by asking her Skype address.

You may ask me why she cancels the project. Well, it was an eCommerce website, and she is not a tech person I promise her to deliver a video where she will learn how to upload products on the backend with pic and price and description. After delivering her project, she was happy and mark the project as finish with 5 stars review. No, the next day I had an emergency family issue, and that is why I was not available on Fiverr one of my team members handle my account, but he is not familiar with WordPress WooCommerce. Moreover, that is why I am not able to send the video, and that is the only rezone she cancel the project.

However, when the project cancels I get a message that I break FIVERR TOS. What the hell? What did I do? If I do not show her how she will choose a better web hosting on Skype. I show her how her website look like on Skype?

Well, If this is my fault then I do not have any problem to level Fiverr forever.

One of Fiverr agent told me a long time ago that I can ask or customer share everything that necessary to finish the project successfully. If anyone wants to see proof, I am ready to show that. Even I contacted with Fiverr a long time ago when a customer shares his email address on chat/message, and Fiverr said it would not be a problem for me. Then why it is cost me Zero Days Without Warnings??? Why does any one explain me about this?

I close my UPWORK and FREELANCER account and join Fiverr full time, and after that, this hell type of rules bother again, and again then I will join UPWORK again. I do not have any problem. Moreover, the refund system completely sucks Without any investigation Fiverr refund the customer. I have proof, and that is why I am taking a challenge.

How will I make a website where I will not able to login into web hosting If I do not get the customer email address and password? Everyone if not okay to pay $5 only for conversation.

If this happens, every time and I lose my level on Fiverr where I should become a top rated seller now I am a level one seller. I set 16 to 18 hours a day and after finish the project successfully the customer came after three months later and said my PayPal was hacked my credit card was stolen now I want my money back and then Fiverr refund without asking the seller and that cost on project cancel rate. What are we doing here? We are here not making fun I am working as a freelancer full time on Fiverr, and it is not a joke. I work the customer pay, and that helps me to bring food for my family.

If Fiverr is very strick on his TOS then why not make a chat room for buyer and seller where we can talk online face to face and share screen. Fiverr made a lot’s of money every day so why not they are making anything like that, then we do not need to ask the customer for his/her skype ID Anyone. Everything will happen on that chat room. However, Fiverr do not have anything like this. Then what the hell I can do to know my customer requirements and how I will show then what I need and what is going on his website.

For example a customer of mine sends her Shopify account login information, and I try to log in more then 10 times and her information is not working, and I said her, and she sends me the same login information again and again.

You may ask me why you do not send her screenshot well I send a couple of time. I have a proof now tell me what can I do. I already finish her website without new banners because she created new banners and her also not a tech person for Shopify.

So How I can show her and everything? Will I ask her skype or WhatsApp number to teach her? Does anyone tell me what I can do not?

I contact with Fiverr support and waiting for their reply, and it is my first post on Fiverr Forum. Let’s start the war with Fiverr.

In 2018 my goal became a top rated on Fiverr, but Fiverr maybe do not want that to achieve my goal. No problem If I do not become top rated on Fiverr I will find out somewhere else. But I will become a top rated it’s granted. Let’s see what happen.

Thanks for your valuable time.


There is no issue with a lot of these things - just check with support first and explain why you need to get the information from them. I get contact details from a lot of clients (not Whatsapp or Skype) and it is not an issue as it is done in the order page.
When I need to show them something, I do a screen video and send it to them. A little more hassle than on skype or teamviewer but actually not as time consuming when you consider other factors.

What you did was break the rules…

Let’s not. Let’s keep to the rules instead…