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What can i do email marketing for my gig

Hello every one.
What can i do email marketing for my gig. Please Any one suggest me.


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Don’t do “email marketing for your gig”. That is usually considered spam, since you do not have any lists of owner-approved email addresses. You should never send “email marketing” to people who have not specifically given YOU permission to send them email.

As a gig seller, there are far better ways to promote your services.


A lot of thanks. Can i do facebook paid marketing.

I believe you can, yes.

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If I do facebook paid marketing, then will there be any problem with my account?

Why do you think off-site marketing would hurt your on-site Fiverr account?

Some of my friends said that there is a possibility of account disabling if off-site marketing.

Then it would appear that your “friends” don’t know how Fiverr works. Fiverr is a place where you can host your freelance services. YOU are still responsible for marketing and promoting your gigs and services to your target audience. That marketing and promotional work takes place off of Fiverr.

I recommend that you take some time to learn how Fiverr works, instead of letting your uninformed “friends” influence your actions. :wink:

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