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What can I do for gating an order

I always maintain marketing, but I not yet got any order on here. What can i do now

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I would suggest taking a look at the “Tips For Sellers” category in the Fiverr Forum! You can find some really good tips there on how to increase your sales.


Thanks a lot dear…

Learn SEO… find out your relevant low competition keywords. GIG SEO should be improved.

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I will suggest you that, you should send daily 10 buyer request & send buyer request proper way. Understand buyer needs.

You could check the spelling in your “elementor expert…” gig image and the gig description in your “wordpress website speed optimization…” gig.

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There is no error, I’v checked it.

Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 9.33.34 PM

You spelled “premium” incorrectly. Also you should think about removing the “100% satisfaction” from all your gigs, it’ll be a headache in the long run.


Y’all really need to stop using Google Translate to fool you that your English is not purple dishwasher monkey.

Customers notice all the mistakes and frayed edges like when you asked about “gating an order”. Gating is a mechanized process of opening and closing a “gate” to let something through at some times and not at others. Not related to your actual question.

We all make micksteaks but you (and many other newbies who struggle to get work) make many and then argue that they haven’t. The common thread is that of not getting enough work :wink:

That image has two spelling + grammar errors - and of course that killer unlimited revision stuff that makes you look weak.

How many revisions do you reckon Bill Gates offers? None. He fixes his errors (and there can be plenty with Windows) but his customers don’t get to demand re-writes every time they have a feeling. Between you and Mr Gates, who is doing better?


I do not under stand this confusing, yet hilarious metaphor.

Upon searching google, I have discovered there is a book and a beer called Purple Monkey Dishwasher. Close enough! lol

It is to be a random string of words that should mean something, but don’t. It is gibberish.

I think I borrowed it from somewhere like Monty Python. But I read so much it could be anywhere.