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What can I do for get a order?

I have been working with different types of websites for the last 1 year. I’m new to fiverr. I made the gig but got no work yet. What can I do now?


You are in a space with many thousands of other sellers offering the exact same service as you, so you’re going to have a tough time getting started.

Having said that, it’s far from uncommon for it to take several months to get your first order on Fiverr. Your gig doesn’t really explain how you can help prospective clients solve their problem, and telling them that you are online all of the time is not a good way to attract customers. It just says that you’re desperate and buyers will avoid desperate.

Focus on making a gig that stands out, why customers should choose you over the 25,000 other sellers in this space (I checked, yes that is the number of other sellers)

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Thanks for your advice.
I would be very helpful if you could tell me how to make a good gig.

The main thing you need to do is to tell your customers exactly what it is you can do for them, and why they should choose you. What is it that makes you special when compared to the other 25,000 sellers? Your experience? Your design skills? Because your favourite colour is blue? Tell this to customers, so they can see why you are the best option.

Also take advantage of the opportunity to show prospective clients with the gig images work you have done before, rather than a generic, boring image. The gig images and videos are there for you to showcase your skills, use them for that :slight_smile:

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First Of all make a gig with proper seo. mind it gig seo is very important for rank any gig. and the second thing is you need to create a attracting tumble picture for that. cause the picture will be the first thing which will be control your impration and clicks.
The other Things is. for first order you need to sand buyer request. cause on maximum cases the first order come form buyer request.

If I cancel my previous gig and create a new gig, will my gig rank decrease?

ok. Thanks for your advise. I will do it.

Why would you delete it? You can just edit the one you have.

And gig rank is more or less a myth. Fiverr randomizes the order in which gigs appear to make it fairer to everyone

Ok. I will make it.
And thank you very much again.

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This is true. For the most part, you’ll need to send buyer requests that you know you are capable of doing and doing well.

I’ve been the odd one out in that none of my sales so far on Fiverr have come from buyer requests. I don’t remember the last time I sent one.

check this section. here you will find so many tips for new seller