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What Can I do for more sale?

I share me gig In social media.Send buyer Request daily.But Still haven’t sell.What can I do for sale?

please be patience until get order :slight_smile:

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I am still Patient. However I past 6 month in fiverr

Perhaps your target customers are not on your social media channels, and perhaps those who post Buyer Requests are not impressed by your BR responses. Where do you think your target customers are located, and how do you think you could reach out to them and tell them about what you offer?

YOU are going to need to answer those questions. We cannot do that for you.

It just sometimes takes time, I am new to Fiverr but have over 20 yrs experience in the field I am looking to sell in. Get your name out as much as possible and be patient.

Oh and I have 0 gig sales thus far, but know I am more than qualified and if not better than most in the field. But nothing will sway my confidence.