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What can i do for my gig to make wave?


hello dear, i have been in fiverr for sometime now, and i’m starting to get tried of the owe thing, nothing sims moving for me, the reason i don’t know, please i need to know what to do.


check my gig @


Hi Betty,

Add a video if you can to spice up your gig, or you can do a slide show of samples of your product. Always think of first impressions, you have 30 sec to grab a clients attention so make each word on your gig/video count.


thanks for that, what other thing am i to includ to my gig?


The first thing I would do is use spell check on your Gig. You have so many spelling and grammatical errors, that that would scare off most from buying from you.

Second, did you research the viability (need) of what you are making? Why would someone “need” a plastic ID card?

I think what the problem boils down to is that there may not be a market for what you are trying to sell. I would maybe attempt to think of some other Gigs you could do.



Do not worry bettylove…

Its a matter of time, you will get your results soon…!!

Promote your Gig !

please visit

thanks a lot

:wink: :wink:


@genuineguidance Thanks i understand. :frowning:


@conciseseo Thanks for the encouragement. Succes to you