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What can i do for my improvement

HI ,i am a new seller,
Is that my gig’s are ok or I have to change them,
Can anyone please check my profile and suggest what can i do for my improvement …

my profile link=

the title of your post has been edited since using URLs in titles is not allowed.

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It seems that your Gigs are, in essence, duplicated: they offer the same service (background removal) despite having different titles and a different pricing scheme.
This is, besides confusing, against the Terms of Service.

I will provide photoshop editing service” should embrace a broader range of editing services.

As for the “background removal service”, the descriptions of the packages don’t match the figures indicated in the "# of images" fields.

Anyhow, I don’t think that there is enough demand for a service of such kind.

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Is that any problem if i edit my gig many time

It’s preferable to edit a Gig until it is error free.
In the early weeks of your career as a freelancer you will probably need to adjust your Gigs quite often.

make new and better gigs.good luck :slight_smile:

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