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What can I do for rank my gigs?

I’m a new member for Fiverr. What is the best way to rank my gigs?

Hello DishanGraphic,

You’re welcome to Fiverr forum.

Here I have some tips for you to rank your gigs & to maximize your sales.

  1. Gig title should be short & relevant.

  2. Work on keywords you’re using in the gig title & description.

  3. Hashtags should be very relevant to your services.

  4. Add video to your gig it will attract more buyers.

  5. Don’t copy the content from other seller’s profile.

  6. Use buyer request to approach buyers & use your relevant gig in the offer.

  7. Whenever anyone approach you response on time & be relevant.

  8. Don’t use 3rd party tricks to rank your gig.

  9. Showcase your portfolio in the gig.

  10. Be online on your profile the maximum time.

Final tip is to work hard that is the really key to success

I hope these tips will help you out.

Best Regards,
Fiverr Seller Justfari

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Wow… Thank you so much for your tips. Can you check my fiverr account and give me a advise?

Hello again DishanGraphic,

I have just visited your profile you already have a great profile.

Please do these improvements & it will look more promising.

Instead of adding other videos do add the videos in which you’re explaining about your gig & service so that buyer may understand your service better.

Prepare & pass skill tests about which your profile is about.

Connect all possible platforms with your profile.

I hope it will become more appealing & you have more sales.

Best of luck you.

Best Regards,
Fiverr Seller Justfari

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

@dishangraphic I reported you by the way for spamming me.

You should never send unsolicited messages to anyone here on Fiverr or the forum.