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What can i do if Buyer didn't sending requirement details after placing order?


Starting of month i faced this issue 2 times in 5 days. I clearly mentioned in my Package to contact before buy. Still buyer placing order without conversation. Even after placing order they are not sending me proper details of requirement. Recently i did late delivery because buyer didn’t provided proper details. If i will cancel order it will also affect on my profile.Please suggest me what i have to do in that situation. Thanks!


The answer is simple… make sure your gigs are set up the way Fiverr intended them to be set up. And by this, I mean, don’t require buyers to contact you first. Gigs are designed to provide all the information a buyer needs to purchase that service. Buyers can order one of your packages at any time, and if you ask the right questions within your order requirements, you’ll be fine. If you work within the format Fiverr has established, you aren’t going to have these kinds of problems.


I already setup all Requirement details that i need to start work.
But Buyer Writing “Thanks and Please do this” in required details section.


Then you will need to communicate with the buyer to obtain the information that he/she did not provide when he/she placed his/her order.


If this happens often to you, you could try making the requirement an attached file instead of just written text? If a buyer will have to write “Thanks and please do this” into a file and upload it, they may be more likely to realise and send the actual requirements then.