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What can I do if buyer is opening revision continuously?

I delivered a program, which I properly tested and everything is working fine.
After delivery buyer opened revision claiming software does not work.

I asked to show me error message, he sent nothing just keep saying program does not work.
I asked him to connect via Team Viewer, he said he will not show his screen and asked me to show the program running on my screen.

I did that.

It’s 10+ days since delivery is made.
He does not respond me back, just open a revision everytime I deliver, I ask him to tell me issue and allow me to resolve it. He replies nothing except program is not working.

What option I have?


you crack software give them? explain what type of software you sale.

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There’s no suggestion the OP gave them cracked software. :neutral_face:

If you visit their profile, you’ll be able to see the types of software they offer in their gigs.

Limit the number of revisions on your gig and charge for any extra revision

Does it change the situation?
Customers can reject delivery any time irrespective of how many revisions you offer.

Those fields are only there for decent customers who respect the numbers and buy additional revisions if they need.

This buyer simply rejects and does not even tell me what things I should fix.

I am a developer, I provide automation scripts, bots and custom made windows / Linux applications as per user requirements.

All software are custom developed as per customer specifications.

The buyer - this is only a speculation - could be a reseller that delivered your script/software to another buyer that in turn doesn’t provide any feedback, intentionally or for some other reason.

This could explain why he is asking you to proof that your software is running correctly.
Maybe he doesn’t even have access to the enviroment of the final buyer.

You should contact customer support and tell them that buyers behavior is inappropriate and even after you show him software working he refuse to accept and keep asking revisions