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What can I do if buyer reject a delivered job intentionally?


What can I do if buyer reject a delivered job intentionally? I have not been getting information and buyer was not providing information after my 12 hours work. I delivered the task done with the information provided earlier, now the buyer rejected for modification, but still not providing the necessary information. What can I do now?


Just tell him, please provide me more information :slight_smile:


Told, but did not reply, please help me. I am a new Freelancer and doing my fourth order completed. But the client making the field difficult. Please someone help


Just wait for your buyer to respond - you’ve delivered on time, so nothing bad’s going to happen.

It sometimes takes buyers a couple of days to respond - it is the weekend, and they may not be as focused on Fiverr as we are! :slightly_smiling_face:


No one can help you from this form, all we can do is giving you advice. You should not work on the order when you did not got the enough information and by delivering the order you made another mistake. You should wait more time to get the information from the buyer. Now, all you can do is contact the customer support. At the end the order will be cancelled!


If they rejected it for modification but are not giving you information on what to change then re deliver it and say that you will be happy to modify it if they give you the information on what to change.

Continue to redeliver the same thing each time they do that until they finally give you the information. Keep sending them multiple messages saying Please give me information on what you want me to change.


Thanks For your necessary information, I fear if he can report a bad thing. I asked him two verification code of two websites. After this, he stopped communication I think.


He still needs to communicate with you about why he is doing this.


Should I wait until his response?


Do what @misscrystal suggested above: :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you staff of


Thank you soooo much for your advice. Are you from


If your buyer is not giving your the enough information to modify what you have delivered before, redeliver it again asking to get the detailed information(as misscrystal advised) or you can cancel the order to avoid the bad reviews but it will not a good sign as you are new, so, the best thing is to wait for his reply and redeliver the again. No, no one is from Fiverr staff you can read a badge next to the user’s name(who he/she is).


No - just got too much time on my hands! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for helping me.


For helping, I really thankful to you